The Cleveland Cavaliers have struggled through the early part of the season thanks in large part to injuries to their lineup. WIth the most recent news that point guard Derrick Rose is considering retirement, the Cavaliers need to heal up fast and get their best players back in action if they want to continue their impressive seven-game winning streak. Cleveland got some great news this weekend and it looks like they will get their injured guard back on the court as early as Monday night's game against the Philadelphia 76ers. However, this is not news about Derrick Rose and is instead another injured Cavaliers guard who is ready to return to action.

Good news for Cleveland Cavaliers reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers (12-7) expect to finally get their star guard Iman Shumpert back on the court as early as Monday night when they hit the road to battle the Philadelphia 76ers (11-7). The Cavaliers have won seven games in a row and passed the upstart 76ers and getting Shumpert back for the game will help them possibly increase their lead on Philadelphia as they move closer to Eastern Conference leader Boston Celtics.

Iman Shumpert has missed the last three Cleveland Cavaliers games with a right knee injury. Through the 2017-18 NBA season, Shumpert has only played in 12 of the Cavaliers 19 games but took Derrick Rose's place as the starting point guard when the current winning streak started.

While the Cavaliers hope to continue their streak, it doesn't look like he will start his first game back.

Cleveland keeping lineup in order for now

In the last three wins with Iman Shumpert injured, Jose Calderon moved back into the starting lineup for the Cleveland Cavaliers. While Calderon failed in his attempt at starting over Derrick Rose early in the season, he has started the last three games as the Cavaliers beat the Charlotte Hornets, Brooklyn Nets, and Detroit Pistons.

In his three starts, Jose Calderon averaged 1.6 assists, 2.3 rebounds, and 7.3 points-per-game. The numbers compare well with Iman Shumpert, who averaged 5.2 points, 1.4 assists, and 3.3 rebounds a game through the season. However, the important thing is not their points or even their assists. The important thing is helping run the offense so LeBron James can control the game.

It will be nice to have Iman Shumpert return and the important thing is that the Cleveland Cavaliers will get another body back on the court. When Shumpert returns, there will be three injured Cleveland players left - with Isaiah Thomas recovering from hip injuries, Derrick Rose considering his future in the NBA, and Tristan Thompson still out with a calf injury.