Andy Murray is currently working on his recovery while his hopes revolve around a successful comeback in 2018. Aged 30, the Brit ended the year ranked 16th in the world, the worst stats in over a decade. A grueling recovery period from that hip injury gave him enough time to put things in balance.

Basically, he is heading into a completely different phase of his tennis career, it's the last segment of a fruitful story. Reaching the ATP summit after years of struggle, Andy Murray put a cap on a long chapter of his life. Now, he enters the post-peak era and some serious changes must be put in motion.

In about six weeks, a new season will kick off in Australia with Murray being part of it.

Andy Murray ending his second journey with Ivan Lendl

A former ATP tennis star, Ivan Lendl was probably the only one capable of digging up all the huge potential Andy Murray had. After a second successful journey together, their ways met yet another crossroad. In what seems to be a mutual decision, Murray and Lendl put an end to their partnership.

In the absence of Lendl, Jamie Delgado will stand for continuity. While Lendl was Murray's main coach, Delgado carried the daily burden by himself. According to ESPN, Jaime Delgado is set to remain the head coach of Andy Murray. Moreover, it seems like there won't be any additions to the coaching department.

So far, Ivan Lendl being in the coaching box corresponded with Andy Murray's biggest successes. It's an interesting pattern and Murray must find a way to break it sooner or later. He has not that much time left as a professional player.

Murray sits on a minefield

Getting past the 30-years of age crest brings a different kind of pressure at the table.

Basically, a pro player will become aware of the limited time he has left in the tank. For Murray, a positive prediction might give around five years at the top. But that can change in case of another major injury.

In less than two months he will resume his professional career. When he left the stage back in July, he was sitting at the top.

Six months later, he will have to endure a grueling battle in order to climb up the mountain again. Moreover, the general consensus has Andy Murray as a certain bet in his future comeback bid. That fact alone will add some unwanted pressure too.

Of course, all the talk might be useless if Andy Murray isn't fit to play in January. A couple of weeks ago, while featuring a charity event along with Roger Federer, the Brit seemed rather far from his normal level of fitness.