Yankees Rookie of the Year Aaron Judge underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left shoulder Monday, November 20th, which was a success! The procedure was described as loose-body removal and cartilage clean up. The procedure was performed by Dr. Neil ElAttrache in Los Angles at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic. The recovery time is anticipated to be complete in advance to the start of Spring Training report CBS Sports.

It was rumored that Judge was going to attend the Ohio State vs. Michigan game on Saturday. It seems as though it is safe to say that will most likely not happen.

Depending on doctors orders he could be in a sling anywhere between three to six weeks.

Did Judge see this coming?

Did this start during or after the All-Star break? Judge went into a slump coming back after the All-Star break. Some say the Home-run Derby was to blame, but Judge denied it having an impact on his performance. Coming back after the All-Star break Judge's numbers were not so great. This 2nd half stats in 34 games he was hitting .175/.338/.367, with seven home runs in just 152 appearances. Throughout the 2nd half Judge would ice his shoulder following games. Following one of the first times he was asked about it, he seemed to want to shake it off because he did not think of it as a big deal.

According to MLB's Bryan Hoch, during this time in the season, the Yankees had asked Judge if his shoulder was causing any issues, but Judge would always say "no." Joe Girardi said that Judge reminded him of Derek Jeter, who would hide and play through injuries. Despite Judge's struggles in the 2nd half, the Yanks were still very successful at winning games.

Aaron Judge's eventful rookie season

Aaron Judge was has had an amazing season to say the least! Despite his slight slump in the 2nd half, he had a phenomenal season for a rookie! An Aaron Judge jersey was the most purchased jersey throughout the MLB and that says a lot. Some say he is the new face of baseball. Here are some of his accomplishments this season:

  • All-Star.
  • Broke Rookie record for most homeruns.
  • Rookie of the Year.
  • Silver Slugger.
  • Nominated for MVP.
  • Cover athlete for MLB The Show 2018.

Aaron Judge is an all-around good player, which could be a reason for his popularity among baseball fans.

He is going to do amazing things in the years to come. There will be no need to underestimate this 25-year-old. He knows what it takes to work together as a team, and there is no doubt that this team will make it again to the postseason. Let's just wait and see what Judge will bring to the plate in 2018.