The Cincinnati Bengals and Jacksonville Jaguars got into a scuffle in Sunday's game in Jacksonville which started between Aj Green and Jalen Ramsey. It all happened in the final seconds of the first half when the play was called dead, and Ramsey went over and shoved Green in the back after some barking. Green responded by going behind Ramsey, putting him in a headlock, throwing him down, and punching him in the helmet.

Players from both teams started to swarm the scuffle as a brawl ensued on the field. After some punches and shoves, the dust cleared and both Green and Ramsey were thrown out.

According to Fox19 reporter Jeremy Rauch, Green wanted to keep going at Ramsey saying, "I want him. Give me one more shot."


Green has been one of the more respected football players in the game and one of the most talented receivers. It was a bit of a surprise to see this happen. Green has not been known to do these kinds of things, and even Antonio Brown took to Twitter after the incident to express his surprise. Regardless, this was not smart at all on Green's part, and he could be facing a suspension. This is also poor timing for the Bengals to lose their best player after being in desperation mode as they sit at 3-4 and trying to turn their fortunes.

All people can do is wait to see what the NFL rules. Like previously mentioned, Green has never been this type of guy, and his record is clean. However, it is hard to see Green not get punished in some way after using both a headlock and helmet punches in this scuffle. This has the potential to be very serious, but it can be unpredictable as to how the NFL handles punishments.

Ramsey, on the other hand, may have shoved him but did not do anything near the extent that Green did. Some are even surprised he was thrown out of the game.

Was Green showing frustration? His team is struggling, and he had just one catch for six yards in the first half of the game, but it still should not be an excuse for his reaction.

Bengals' struggles

As mentioned the team is 3-4. The Jaguars were leading the Bengals in the third quarter and this is a big game for Cincinnati. Losing would drop them to 3-5 and in a division with the Steelers leading it at 6-2, there is not much room for error for the Bengals. Their offense has not been great, going into this week only scoring 122 points in their first seven games. If they fall to 3-5 and do not get a full game ahead, it could completely derail any chances the Bengals have in a playoff hunt.