When the Buffalo Bills signed Marcell Dareus to a contract extension in 2015, they probably didn't expect to part ways with the talented defender in less than three years. But with Sean Mcdermott and Brandon Beane running the show, nobody is safe. Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods, and Marquise Goodwin were either traded or not signed by the team. Cornerback Ronald Darby was traded. And now, the man drafted by the Bills with the 3rd overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft is no longer on the roster.

A trade to the Jacksonville Jaguars

The Buffalo Bills traded Marcell Dareus and his massive cap hit to the 4-3 Jacksonville Jaguars for a sixth round pick.

There weren't many teams willing to take on his massive contract, but former Bills head coach Doug Marrone was willing to give him another shot. He seemed appreciative of Buffalo for giving him a chance, and he posted a picture of his favorite Bills jersey just hours before he was traded.

But Dareus couldn't resist taking one last shot at the Bills just before he was traded:

Bills fans haven't exactly been supportive of Dareus in 2017, but it hasn't come without reasons. Dareus has had multiple problems in Buffalo, including laziness, suspensions, and overall declines in play.

He also seemed to miss practices more frequently than other Bills players, which further frustrated fans and probably the coaches. It's hard to believe that Dareus was really "shocked" by the trade, especially considering how he has played this year.

Didn't fit in the new Bills culture

Sean McDermott isn't Rex Ryan. He doesn't put up with characters, he doesn't like players with question marks, and he certainly doesn't like laziness.

Marcell Dareus was viewed as expendable by the Bills organization, especially because of his contract. He certainly wasn't the only one that was expendable, but he was probably the one that was the most difficult to move.

So far, "trusting the process" that has changed the roster composition of Buffalo significantly has worked.

Right now, the Bills are 5-2 and right in the middle of the AFC playoff race. Sean McDermott has this team playing well, and "shocked" or not, Dareus did not play a big part in that success.

It's nice that Dareus "feels wanted" now, but I doubt McDermott or the Bills organization really cares. Right now, they are more focused on getting to the playoffs and less focused on the emotional state of their players, especially when there are some who have real problems to deal with.