Conor McGregor is in high spirits though most fight fans are more interested to know what he has planned ahead. “The Notorious” has no clear plans on his next move for now, though he reveals plenty of options tied up to boxing and the UFC.

Speaking with Caroline Pearce at “An Evening with Conor McGregor” at the SEC Armadillo, the Irishman bluntly mentioned the options he has right now. At the top of the list is the possibility of facing the winner of the Tony Fergusson vs Kevin Lee showdown which happens at UFC 216 on Oct. 7, 2017, at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise Nevada.

Boxing options

With the impressive showing he had against Mayweather, McGregor mentioned possibly enticing “Money” for a rematch. That could be a hard one to conjure up considering the American boxer made it clear that he was staying retired after that big payday.

If not Floyd Jr., McGregor could consider facing Paulie Malignaggi. Before the celebrated Mayweather vs. McGregor fight, the 36-year-old served as the sparring partner of the Irishman.

Things went awry between the two and both have been into heated exchanges ever since. Malignaggi is pushing for a fight against McGregor, adding that he would even put his revenue share of the fight on the line just to give “The Notorious” a beating.

Plenty of options in the UFC

Most fight fans believe that McGregor would be better of to continue in the sport where he has gained prominence. He holds two titles, the lightweight and featherweight belts. There are several UFC fighters he could face.

Aside from Fergusson and Lee, there is also Nate Diaz and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Facing Diaz in a trilogy is what most are expecting, perhaps a lightweight face-off, that makes the most sense. The only thing seen right now is the fight purse. Aware that a McGregor vs Diaz fight will draw in big money, the camp of Nate wants a bigger chunk for the third meeting.

If not Diaz, booking a fight with Nurmagomedov could make sense.

The fight may take place in Russia, a new environment which McGregor seems to be excited about.

However, McGregor wants some form of assurance before pushing for a Nurmagomedov fight. Apparently, Khabib has gained notoriety for withdrawing from cards and McGregor does not want to waste time if the Russian pulls out at the last minute.

As one can see, Conor McGregor has plenty of options as to who (and what) fight he would take next. A return to the Octagon still looms as what most want seeing how the lightweight and featherweight divisions have had to work with interim champions to date.

McGregor last fought in the cage on Nov. 12, 2016. He won over Eddie Alvarez via TKO in the second round and most would want to see him back in UFC action. Right now, deciding on that will depend on what type of fight he really wants next – boxing of mixed martial arts.