CM Punk (Phil Brooks) has been quietly working out with MMA trainer Duke Roufus in Milwaukee. Based on an Instagram post put up by Punk’s MMA coach, it looks like the former WWE champion is preparing for something. But the question is what?

Punk tried to make the big switch from wrestling entertainment to UFC fighting. After several delays, the 38-year-old finally debuted at UFC 203 against Mickey Gall. It was a forgettable debut with Punk forced into submission with a rear-naked choke, just 2:14 into the fight, MMA Junkie reported. With that performance, UFC President Dana White mentioned that it may be best for Punk not to continue his pursuit to fight inside the Octagon.

What is Punk preparing for?

White did not take a definitive stance when Punk failed to make a good impression. No update on a potential next fight for Punk had been mentioned since before this IG post of Roufus which included a caption “Working on his next Fight.”

After his loss at UFC 203, Punk vowed he would not give up. Continuing his training is the right way and only time will tell if the camp of the former WWE star can convince the UFC he can perform credibly. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the luxury of time considering his age.

Training for nothing?

Punk has always been known as a fighter. One loss is not expected to keep him down, probably the reason why he continued to work out with Roufus.

White may be aware of Punk trying to prove he can survive against seasoned MMA fighters though prefers to wait and see.

So far, Punk doesn’t have many options. Rumor of possibly returning to the WWE fold have cropped up on more than one occasion even if it is a long shot. With a severely strained relationship with the Vince McMahon-owned company, the 38-year-old is unlikely to follow others who have returned like Kurt Angle and Goldberg among others.

Right now, Punk may be training but with no promises of getting another UFC match. After the UFC 203 debacle, the best he may be aiming for is redemption and/or at least get an official win inside the cage.

Other than that, a UFC run may not offer Punk a promising outlook. He will be turning 39 on Oct. 26, another year older whose chances at a return may likely be against another little-known, neophyte fighter.

It remains to be seen if White will give Punk another chance. If that does happen, most will call it another money-making scheme similar to the Mickey Gall fight. Assuming he does get another shot and loses, Punk may have to live with the fact that he may have decided to make the shift a little bit too late.