As the entire island of Puerto Rico fights to rebound from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, President Donald Trump spent his day at the President’s Cup golf tournament in New Jersey. After dedicating the trophy to the victims in Puerto Rico, Trump's critics were quick to lash out.

Trump's golf dedication

In recent weeks, the United States has been forced to deal with several storms that have devastated much of the impacted areas. It all began last month when Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, with Houston receiving the worst of the damage.

Not long after and Hurricane Irma ripped through Cuba and found its way to Florida, where the southern and central parts of the state was left damaged. After Harvey and Maria in the states, next up was Hurricane Maria which left Puerto Rico a shell of its former self. The storm used its winds of over 100 mph to flood the island, causing all residents to lose power. Food and water have since become scarce, which hasn't been helped by the slow response by Donald Trump and his administration. Despite this, Trump has hit back in recent days in defense of his actions in Puerto Rico, going as far as attacking the media and the Mayor of San Juan, while claiming many on the island want to have "everything done for them." Fast forward to present day and Trump spent time at the President's Cup golf tournament, and made a curious dedication while he was there, as reported by NBC News on October 1.

On Sunday, Donald Trump was in New Jersey for the President's Cup golf tournament, and took part in presenting the trophy to the winners. The former host of "The Apprentice" gave a short speech where he went on to dedicate the trophy to the hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

"We really have it under great control, Puerto Rico and the people of Florida that have suffered over this short period of time with the hurricanes," Donald Trump said.

"We're going to dedicate this trophy to all of those people that went through so much that we love, a part of our great states and a part of our great nation," he continued.

Twitter reacts

Within minutes of his dedication, Donald Trump quickly became the butt of a joke across social media. "Per pool: 'Members of the pool said they heard someone yell to Trump during the trophy ceremony: 'You don't give a shit about Puerto Rico!'" MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin tweeted out.

"Trump took time off from his wknd of golfing at his own resort to go to another golf resort to present a golf trophy.

Because...priorities," another tweet read. "What’s @realDonaldTrump gonna do, fill the President's Cup trophy with clean water and send it to #PuertoRico?" an additional tweet wondered.

"What are they going to drink out of that #PresidentsCup, #DementedDon?" anther Twitter user wrote. "What The Actual Fu*k is wrong with this man?" yet another social media user asked. The negative reaction continued to pour in as Donald Trump's handling of Puerto Rico following the hurricane came under fire.