Another week of fantasy is quickly approaching and it's time to determine which defenses are the best to stream in week 7. With several teams on bye, it can be a bit tricky to figure out which defenses are worth starts. Let's take a quick look at the ten best fantasy defenses in week 7.

1. Miami Dolphins D/ST

The Jets might have come very close to beating the Patriots last week, but don't be fooled. The Jets still have a terrible offense and fantasy defenses will always be primed to take advantage. One Defense that has played at a very high level in the last two weeks is the Dolphins, and that should continue against this weak Jets team.

2. Buffalo Bills D/ST

The Bills defense is really good and is a major part of the reason why they have won three games this year. So far, the Bills have scored double digit fantasy point totals three times and they have yet to post a point total below five. Start them with confidence against the Buccaneers.

3. New Orleans Saints D/ST

Did I really just write that? The Saints defense was impressive and racked up a whopping 32 fantasy points against the Lions thanks to a host of big plays. Now this defense gets to prey on new Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Hundley. The Saints should be able to force some turnovers and post a good fantasy day.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers D/ST

The Steelers shut down the Chiefs on the road last week in an impressive display.

Now Pittsburgh gets to play against a Bengals team that can't seem to stop turning the ball over on offense. That looks like a recipe for fantasy success to me.

5. Seattle Seahawks D/ST

Without Brandon Marshall and Odell Beckham, the Giants somehow went on the road and defeated the Broncos. I doubt they'll be as lucky against a Seahawks team that should be able to easily shut down most of the offensive targets on New York.

6. Minnesota Vikings D/ST

The Ravens only posted a decent score last week thanks to a pair of kickoff returns, not because of their offense. The Ravens have struggled to score points this year and things aren't going to be any easier on the road against a really tough Vikings defense.

7. Carolina Panthers D/ST

The Panthers defense has been a mixed bag this year, but they always seem to shut down the run.

The entire Bears offense is predicated on running the ball, so Chicago will certainly have some trouble on offense. Expect Mitch Trubisky's mistakes to translate into a nice fantasy day for the Panthers defense.

8. Tennessee Titans D/ST

It doesn't seem to matter who plays quarterback for the Browns, as every quarterback that has started for them throws interceptions or turns the ball over. It's likely that the streak will continue again this week against a Titans team that is trying to nab first place in the AFC South.

9. LA Rams D/ST

Start the Rams with caution this week, because Adrian Peterson may have just revitalized this offense. But it's hard to ignore that the Rams have been one of the best fantasy defenses all year, so don't be too worried about starting them against a Cardinals team that does tend to have a few interceptions.

10. Dallas Cowboys D/ST

The Cowboys haven't been particularly good on defense, but the 49ers haven't been very good on offense either. That makes the Cowboys an intriguing streaming option in the 7th week of the Fantasy Football season.