Fantasy Football Defenses are more important than fantasy owners typically realize. A good selection of a fantasy defense can often be the difference between a win and a loss. In fact, the difference between the highest scoring defense (Jaguars with 26 points) and the lowest scoring defense (Texans with -7 points) was greater than 30 points. Think about just how important defenses are when you take a look at that differential!

Now let's take a look at the ten best fantasy football defenses in week 6.

1. Falcons D/ST

Atlanta doesn't have the best defense, but the Miami Dolphins have one of the worst offenses in the NFL.

The Dolphins have scored a total of 13 offensive points in the past three weeks and their struggles aren't going away. Jay Cutler seems to throw an interception every week and the Falcons have an opportunistic defense that could easily score a touchdown in week 6.

2. Broncos D/ST

The Giants offense was already terrible, and now they've lost their top three wide receivers. That makes the elite Broncos defense a top fantasy option in week 6, especially with Eli Manning struggling.

3. Texans D/ST

A defense playing Cleveland? And it's Houston? Sign me up. The Texans might have lost J.J. Watt, but that doesn't change the fact that this is an elite defensive unit playing against a weak quarterback, no matter who starts.

4. Redskins D/ST

Rested and coming off a bye week, the Redskins now get to take on a 49ers team that really struggles to move the ball and seems to settle for field goals far too often. Start the Redskins defense with confidence this week.

5. Jaguars D/ST

Jacksonville has been unbelievably good on defense this season, as their fantasy defense has scored double digit point totals in four of the first five weeks of the year.

Now the Jaguars get to take on a Rams team that had a whopping six turnovers in week 5.

6. New England Patriots D/ST

After a 3-2 start, the Jets don't appear to be a horrible team. Don't let their record fool you. This is still a team that can't score and is turnover prone, and the Patriots, even though their defense hasn't been great this year, will take advantage.

7. Baltimore Ravens D/ST

The Ravens have received spotty performances from their defense all season, but fantasy owners should be willing to bet on any defense playing the Chicago Bears, who struggle to score points every week.

8. Los Angeles Rams D/ST

The Jaguars might have beaten the Steelers in week 5, but Blake Bortles, who threw for less than 100 passing yards, certainly wasn't the one who beat them. The Rams aren't going to let Fournette run wild again and that should force Bortles into some mistakes.

9. Los Angeles Chargers D/ST

If Derek Carr plays, this ranking should go out the window. But if E.J. Manuel is the man under center, the Chargers could easily be a top five fantasy defense in week 6, especially if Manuel holds the ball against a tough Chargers pass rush.

10. Tennessee Titans D/ST

The Titans offense was terrible against the Dolphins in week 5, but the defense actually played an excellent game. At home and with so many other teams on bye, I'll take the Titans as my tenth best defense.