For all you American Patriots who are fed-up with the millionaires who can’t just do their job. Here’s a newsflash. According to the Capital Research Center, the force behind those players is their union. In this case, the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) which is an affiliate of the AFL-CIO union. NFLPA president Eric Winston called President Trumps National Anthem remarks “a slap in the face of civil rights heroes” but NFL fans didn’t buy his remark.

Tax revelations show the NFLPA’s response and comments to President Trump are no more spontaneous than the left-wing donors it joined like George Soros, Kellogg Foundation, and Planned Parenthood all that fuel the resistance to President Trump.

Last week 2nd Vote, a conservative watchdog group reported that the NFLPA funds groups like Working America, a big labor organization that promotes far-left consciousness.

Funded activist activities

The players union funds a lot more than that. 2nd Vote said this union funds Center for Community Change (CCC) that advocates complete amnesty for illegal aliens and the Center for Community Change Action (CCCA) which spent $3 million on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Working America has been mobilizing opponents of Trump’s tax plan calling it “Trump tax scam” while CCC joined United We Dream, a Soros-sponsored amnesty organization. They led nationwide protests to Trump's inauguration in January.

What happened to sports or football in this case? Now that’s a question vexing owners with record-setting attendance and viewing losses. Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys for one wants to stop the bleeding as he instructed his players to stand for the National Anthem. If you were a millionaire football player wouldn’t these politics bother you?

If you have ever been in a union you know that the union automatically takes money out of your paycheck whether you like it or not. Imagine what a big chunk they get from these players. Anyway, the unions are one of the biggest liberal activist supporters so that is your source of the football controversy.

Ex-fans boycotting NFL

As the activist players continue their stunt the fans continue to boycott the NFL. According to Reuters after Vice President Pence walked out of a game after most of the 49ers protested the anthem DeMaurice Smith NFLPA executive director found it offensive. Then he should be able to grasp the fact that fans pay to see football and be entertained, not your activist views. If he still cannot grasp the frustration of ex-fans then perhaps he will when he’s in the unemployment line.

Winston said he didn’t care about the fans reactions saying, “I don’t think the guys in this locker room care whether the NFL is going to be around in 20 years because they won’t be playing". The way things are going the timeline of the NFL is perhaps nearing its end.