Brooklyn Nets defeated the Miami Heat with the score 88-107. The Nets are now 2-0 in their preseason games and are looking very solid coming into the NBA season. With the east getting weaker next season, the Brooklyn Nets may have a slim chance of sneaking into the playoff race. Jeremy Lin gave the Brooklyn Nets a huge boost last night which resulted in them blowing out the Heat.

Tyler Johnson continues to impress

In their last preseason game against the Atlanta Hawks, Tyler Johnson played a solid game in leading the Heat in scoring. Last night, against the Brooklyn Nets Tyler Johnson once again stepped up offensively.

He contributed 21 points, nine rebounds, and one block. He shot 46.2 percent from the field making six of his 13 field goal attempts and he also made all of his eight free throw shots. The Miami Heat nearly made the playoffs last time and the Heat fans are hoping that they can slide into the playoff picture this upcoming season.

Whiteside puts up a solid game

Hassan Whiteside played a great game last night against the Brooklyn Nets. He Contributed 19 points, two blocks, and nine rebounds while shooting 66.7 percent from the field making eight of his 12 shots. Whiteside will have to step up this upcoming season both defensively and offensively for the Heat to enter the postseason. Hassan Whiteside is continually making the NBA fans and players see that a traditional big man is still very relevant in today's NBA game.

Miami could not stop Linsanity

Jeremy Lin played a huge role in last night's victory against the Miami Heat. He led the Brooklyn Nets in scoring with 16 points while adding three rebounds and four assists. He also shot the ball exceptionally well at 71.4 percent from the field making five of his seven field goal attempts and making two of his three-pointers.

Coming into the season Lin and Russell will be the main scoring options for the Nets and if both of them can step up the Nets may exceed expectations next season.

D'Angelo Russell cools off

D'Angelo Russell did great in their last game against the New York Knicks where he led the Nets in scoring with 19. But last night against the Miami Heat Russell colled off, shooting the ball at only 28.6 percent from the field.

He contributed nine points, two rebounds, two assists, and two steals but he only made four of his 14 field goal attempts. Russell has already shown how talented he is, but in becoming a big-time NBA player, Russell has to learn to be consistent in every game.