The Buffalo Bills won in a thriller 30-27 on Sunday afternoon at home against the Buccaneers. There were a flurry of emotions throughout, and plenty of lead changes that resulted in huge swings of momentum. But the Bills eventually came out on top, and several Bills players took to Twitter to relive some key moments following the game.

Preston Brown

After a sack fumble on quarterback Jameis Winston, the football was loose and on the ground. The Bills player closest to it was linebacker Preston Brown, who might have been able to score if he had been able to scoop up the ball cleanly and run with it.

Instead, he looked more like this:

Not one to shy away from the spotlight, Preston Brown posted his own more hilarious version of the play on Twitter.

It's great to see that these players can laugh at situations like this, but fans might have reacted a little bit differently if the Buccaneers had recovered the fumble. The number of "what if" scenarios would increase and a Bills loss could partially be blamed on Preston Brown.

Fortunately for Preston Brown and Bills fans, we can look back on the play and laugh at it now.

Richie Incognito and Eric Wood

The Bills really are a team that supports each other, and sometimes that can mean calling each other out on Twitter. In this case, Wood was showing nothing but support for his fellow offensive lineman.

That touchdown by McCoy to tie the game was huge, and Incognito was clearly just as excited as the fans at that point in the game. It's still hard to believe just how long that ball was in the air for.

Look Ahead to the Oakland Raiders

The Bills might not be getting much respect from the national media, but Vegas has them slotted as three point favorites next week against Oakland. The Raiders won a nailbiter last week against Kansas City, so they will look to ride that momentum to pick up a win on the road.

For the Bills, this is a key game. At 4-2 right now, Buffalo is right in the middle of the AFC playoff race and another home win would greatly increase their chances of making the playoffs. If the Bills are going to win this one, Lesean Mccoy is going to need to get hot and the Bills defense has to play better. If Tre'Davious White, Micah Hyde, and the rest of the defense can force Derek Carr and the Raiders offense into a few turnovers, that would help tremendously as well.

We all know that this team plays hard every week, and that certainly won't change in week 8 as Richie Incognito, Eric Wood, Preston Brown, LeSean McCoy, Tyrod Taylor, and the rest of the Bills team prepare for the Raiders.