The new york yankees have lost two consecutive games against the Houston Astros. Statistically, the Astros have an 83.3% chance of winning the series. However, the Yankees proved against the Indians that comebacks are not impossible. If the Yankees want to reach the World Series, they need to replicate the energy shown against the Indians.

Trends of games 1 and 2

The first two games of the series were very similar. Two high scoring offensive teams were forced to multiple strikeouts and poor outputs due to great pitching. Houston Astros beat New York Yankees, 2-1 both games. Pitching early on from both teams were great and few runs were allowed.

Yankees' pitcher Tanaka has been performing well enough to earn a starting position. Astros' pitcher Justin Verlander is performing great as well, striking out 13 players.

Astros' Jose Altuve continues to have great performances each game. Yankees' Brett Gardner has been one of the leaders in the batting lineup this series. Both teams scored in late innings and the Astros were able to get one more run to win both times. Although the Yankees are able to hold the best offense in the MLB to two runs, they need to produce more offensively.

How the Yankees can win the series

This is a seven-game series, so the Yankees shouldn't be counted out yet. However, improvements need to be made. First, they need to continue pitching at this level.

Coming into the series, I expected the Astros to score as much as they did against the Red Sox. Holding this team to few runs will help throughout the series. Also, as the Astros' pitching lineup rotates, the Yankees need to take advantage of the drop off in skill. In games 3 and 4, the Yankees should be able to score more than one run.

The batting lineup needs to step up their performance in the series. Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez need to hit better. They are the Yankees' middle of the order sluggers and victory cannot be achieved without their contributions. Aaron Judge is 0-7 with three strikeouts while Gary Sanches is 1-7 with five strikeouts. In addition, fielding mistakes have to be minimized.

Gary Sanchez's error in the Astros' walk-off hit, cost the Yankees the game.

The Yankees have to utilize their home field advantage in the next two games. If game 5 is necessary, then the Yankees would still have home field advantage. Potentially, three consecutive games at home are huge for team morale and motivation. Statistically, most analysts believe that the Yankees cannot win the series. However, the Yankees have proven over the years that statistics can be wrong.