After another week of football action, NFL analyst Elliot Harrison released the week 5 Power Rankings for the National Football League. This list contains the teams from the 1st spot down to the 6th spot in the power rankings.

For the first time since 2014, the New England Patriots are out of the top ten after losing to the Carolina Panthers. While the Los Angeles Rams have finally cracked the top ten for the first time after they defeated the Dallas Cowboys.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (4-0)

The Kansas City Chiefs continues to be at the top of the power rankings for three weeks in a row as they remain undefeated.

The Chiefs have three offensive linemen, Dee Ford, and their kicker out before the game but were still able to produce and win against the Washington Redskins.

Chiefs' quarterback Alex Smith continues to find ways to make plays and has put this team on his back. Smith threw one touchdown while completing 27 out of 37 passes for 293 yards. Rookie running back Kareem Hunt was also the top rushing leaders after rushing 101 yards after 21 attempts.

2. Detroit Lions (3-1)

The Detroit Lions have never been this high in the power rankings as they continue to be consistent. The Lions defeated the Minnesota Vikings by a score of 14-7. Their only loss was against the Atlanta Falcons, but even that loss was questionable.

Lions' running back Ameer Abdullah, who is suffering a minor ankle injury, scored one touchdown while rushing for 94 yards on 20 attempts. Abdullah is among the top rushing leaders for week four.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (3-1)

Even though Philadelphia Eagles' cornerbacks continue to struggle in defense, they were still able to come out with the win against the Los Angeles Chargers 26-24.

Running back LeGarrette Blount was among the leaders in rushing in the week four of the NFL regular season, he rushed for 136 yards on 16 carries.

4. Atlanta Falcons (3-1)

The Atlanta Falcons lost to the Buffalo Bills 23-17. Reigning Most Valuable Player Matt Ryan threw 242 yards while completing 24 out of 42 passes; he also scored one touchdown but was intercepted two times.

5. Green Bay Packers (3-1)

The Green Bay Packers have two offensive tackles and running backs out and yet they are still winning games, and when they get healthy they will be tough.

The Packers were able to dominate the Chicago Bears as quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw four touchdowns and completed 18 out of 26 passes for 179 yards.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1)

The Pittsburgh Steelers blew out the Baltimore Ravens. Running back Le'Veon Bell scored two touchdowns while rushing for 144 yards on 35 carries. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw one touchdown and completed 18 out of 30 passes for 216 yards.