It’s that time of year again! No, not Halloween, it is NFL make or break time. With the NFL trade deadline closing in, several NFL rumors are burning up the internet as contending teams scramble to bolster their roster, and teams who are in trouble look to dump big salaries. With so many possible options to consider, it is going to be interesting to see which teams jump in before tomorrow’s NFL trade deadline.

Calvin Johnson comeback?

Is former Detroit Lions star WR Calvin Johnson coming out of retirement? Johnson’s name continues to be brought up as a possible trade option for several teams including the Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Philly seems like a much better fit for Johnson than Jacksonville, especially with a quarterback like Carson Wentz in control of the offense.

Unfortunately for Johnson, he doesn't have the option when it comes to selecting a team he would like to play for. If Johnson decides to return, he will have to work out a deal with the Detroit Lions who still own his rights for the 2017 season.

Larry Fitzgerald to Kansas City?

Are the Arizona Cardinals thinking of dealing away longtime star larry fitzgerald? It could be a strong possibility at the trade deadline. The Cardinals have been reticent to embrace a total rebuild, however, Carson Palmer's recent broken arm has placed him on injured reserve and things are looking bleak out west.

It is never easy trying to deal away one of the most popular players in your team's franchise history, however, if they play their cards right, Arizona may be able to land a good draft pick and a top player or two for Fitzgerald. A team like Kansas City may be willing to listen to offers for the aging star who seems to still have a lot left in the tank.

The Chiefs' high-powered offense could be a perfect landing spot for Fitz. Chris Conley is out for the season in KC and we all know that when the postseason arrives, having a stable experienced vet like Fitzgerald matters.

Adding Fitzgerald would give the Chiefs a legit threat in the slot and bolster an offense that already contains stars like RB Kareem Hunt and TE/WO Travis Kelce.

Carlos Hyde on the block? Vikings a good fit

The San Francisco 49ers may not win one game this season, and according to a CBS Sports report, they are ready, willing, and able to listen to all offers. The problem? Other teams are not optimistic that the Niners are really ready to deal. Players like tackle Joe Staley, running back Carlos Hyde and safety Eric Reid have all been rumored to be up for grabs, with Hyde drawing the most interest.

One team that could use Hyde is the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikes are having a great season, and with running back Dalvin Cook on the shelf for most likely the rest of the 2017 season, Minnesota could use Hyde in a big way. He's a bruiser with NFL experience. Adding Hyde could solidify the Vikings as the favorites to win the NFC North and be a dangerous out in the postseason -- especially if they have a home game or two.

The NFL trade deadline officially ends tomorrow, October 31 at 4 p.m. ET.