The new york yankees are the underdogs once again. In an unlikely scenario in the 21st century, after 100 years of championship teams, 27 to be exact. The greg bird's of the world with their youthful exuberance, mock TV interviews in the dugout, and explosive release of emotions while playing this kid's game, have a lot to look forward to. Though the Yankees and Greg Bird lost to Houston in game one of the American League Championship Series, no one could have expected anything different!

Greg Bird's homer a glimmer of what is to come

No one expected anything different.

Greg Bird is only 24. Greg Bird, the heir apparent first baseman for the Yankees, missed most of the season with injuries. Greg Bird and the rest of the 'Baby Bombers', Judge, Sanchez, Hicks, and Gregorious were facing one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball, in Dallas Keuchel. The Houston Astros were playing at home in front of their crowd, only days after an impressive 4 game series victory in the ALDS over the Boston Red Sox.

Bird and Yankees not intimidated by Astros

No, New York was not expected to best the Astros on this night. But then a funny thing happened. Masahiro Tanaka turned in another gem of a performance on the mound for the 'pinstripes'. And although Keuchel was tough for the Astros, he did not prove unhittable.

With 2 outs in the fifth inning and Greg Bird at second, with one of only 3 hits off Keuchel for the Yanks, Aaron Judge comes up. Judge, who is standing tall but struggling mightily versus ace pitchers and unrealistic strike zones, comes through with a clutch single to left field. Bird running on the 3-2 pitch as is custom with 2 outs, stumbles on his surgically repaired ankle and is thrown out at home plate - by inches on a perfect throw from left fielder Marwin Gonzalez.

A routine scoring play in most games becomes the play of this game for the Astros, to keep the explosive young New York Yankees down. For if Greg Bird, with 25% of the offensive production off Keuchel, is even a step faster or doesn't 'change leads' while running towards third, his tape measure homer in the 9th, ties the game!

Clutch hitting with the 'deck stacked'

The underdog Yankees were just inches away, and a cloud of chalk dust in the replay, from taking the Astros and the unstoppable Jose Altuve to the bottom of the ninth in their own park. With Chad Green pitching well, Robertson, Warren, Betances, and Chapman were still available in the bullpen. Though Betances may not see another playoff opportunity this year, due to his control issues in big spots.

No, the Yankees did not lose a heartbreaking game to Houston, last night. Greg Bird and the rest of the Yankees showed that they were 'game', that they have 'game', and that they intend to be in every game. This should be an exciting series. No-one in pinstripes is hanging their head after this one.