NBA.Com has reported that the Charlotte Hornets defeated the Detroit Pistons in a thrilling game with the score 108-106. Andre Drummond played an incredible game recording a double-double but it still was not enough for the Pistons to get the win. The rookie, Malik Monk, played a huge role in their win last night with Monk showing how good his scoring skills are.

Drummond still looking good

Andre Drummond has been criticized as someone who is not fit to be a franchise player for the Detroit Pistons especially with the NBA leaning away from the conventional big man.

But Andre Drummond played an amazing game last night against the Charlotte Hornets. He contributed 16 points, 15 rebounds, one steal, one assist, and one block. He also shot 55.6 percent from the field making five of his nine shots and making six of his eight free throw attempts. Regardless of what critics and sports analyst say, Andre Drummond continues to be one of the most dominant conventional big men the NBA has today.

Avery Bradley plays a solid debut game

A couple of weeks ago Avery Bradley was sent to the Detroit Pistons in order for Boston to have room for Kyrie Irving. Last night, Bradley played a decent game against the Charlotte Hornets in his debut game in Charlotte. He contributed 14 points, one rebound, three assists, one steal and one block.

He made six of his 14 field goal attempts shooting a decent 42.9 percent from the field. Avery Bradley will be a huge boost for the Detroit Pistons next season both on the offensive and defensive end.

Dwight Howard looking like superman again

Dwight Howard has seen a big decline in his career ever since his issues when he was playing for the Orlando Magic.

But in last night's win against the Detroit Pistons Howard looked like the old Howard, he contributed 12 points, 11 rebounds, one steal, and one block. He shot an amazing 62.5 percent from the field making five of his eight shots. If Howard can somehow play at the level he used to play when he was in Orlando, the Charlotte Hornets will have a big chance of making the playoffs next season.

Malik Monk shines in preseason game

Going into the NBA draft a couple of months ago many have already seen how good Malik Monk is on the defensive end. Last night, the rookie showed just how gifted he is on the defensive end of the floor. Malik contributed 19 points, two rebounds, and one assist. He led the Charlotte Hornets in scoring for the night and shot 40 percent from the field making five of his 14 shots, four of which was from behind the arc.