Michael Jordan did not directly name the two teams who he believes is, “going to hurt the overall aspect of the league from a competitive standpoint.” But no doubt he was referring to the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Even Charles Barkley has already surrendered to the fact that a fourth matchup will happen in June. “The toughest thing for me is I have to get on TV and fake it for seven months that it’s not going to be the Warriors and Cavs in the finals again,” Barkley said - cited The New York Times.

Back-to-back title

Like the two NBA legends, most basketball analysts, sports commentators and even fans themselves, believe that a rematch between the two super-teams is inevitable; that is of course if all of the main characters of this “mockery” remain healthy.

As many of them claim, it’s no longer a question as to who will win the NBA title; rather, how much beating can the Cavaliers take before succumbing against the mighty Warriors.

But before that happens, sports columnist and popular podcast host, Bill Simmons, would like to see whether the Warriors can break their record and win 75 games during the regular season. He was also wondering if the Warriors could write a new chapter in the NBA Playoffs – a perfect 16-0 run.

Former Knicks coach and ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy doesn’t want to entertain the idea of a sweep. However, he believes that no NBA team can beat the Golden State Warriors four times in one playoff series, practically suggesting that the championship is already in the bag.

The rationale to choose the Warriors over the Cavaliers is simply irresistible. The Warriors went 16-1 during the NBA playoffs, losing only once in Cleveland during Game 4 of the 2017 NBA Finals. Yet the biggest thing is successfully bringing its main core intact, thanks to Kevin Durant.

Beating the odds

For the longest time, the Cleveland Cavaliers were expected to come up as the heavy underdogs; that was if they could find their way back to the NBA Finals.

As some basketball analysts suggested, the Cavs’ reign as the King in the East might end this season. Four reasons: Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards and Philadelphia 76ers.

But some also say it could also be another walk in the park for the Cavaliers. Like the Warriors who have three MVPs: Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Andre Iguodala (2015 Finals MVP), the Cavaliers also has three MVPs: LeBron James, Derrick Rose, and Dwyane Wade (2006 Finals MVP).

But unlike the Warriors, the Cavaliers won’t have the same starting lineup.

After signing Stephen Curry to a max contract, the Warriors still managed to bring back 12 players, thanks to KD’s unselfish act. That alone sent a chilling message that they are out to defend their NBA title. Meanwhile, only 7 players from last year’s roster will return as Cavs this season after a recent trade that sent Richard Jefferson and Kay Felder to Atlanta.

Yet there’s a valid reason: Tyronn Lue is banking on D-Rose, D-Wade, Isaiah Thomas, and Jae Crowder to help LeBron James, Kevin Love and the rest of the Cavaliers bring the title back in Cleveland. And as Crowder revealed, all the practices and the plays were designed to beat the Golden State Warriors. But will it be enough?