Michael Beasley will be playing for the New York Knicks this coming season, the first time he will be starting an NBA season since 2013 when he was with the Phoenix Suns. Known as a scorer, the second overall draft pick of the 2008 NBA Draft believes he is as good as LeBron James and Kevin Durant – something likely to draw criticism.

Durant and James are at that superstar level where only a few are in. They are top draws and are unsurprisingly priced at astronomical levels. But the best argument for the two is that they are coveted and have played critical roles when games are on the line.

Sadly, Beasley has been no more than a backup big man who has been in and out of the league.

Will fortunes change in New York?

Beasley signed up by the Knicks last August, a fresh start for the NBA journeyman. It will be his 10th season in the pro ranks which will hopefully help the 28-year-old prove his true worth.

He last played as a reserve forward for the Milwaukee Bucks. Prior to that, Beasley had stints with other teams like the Miami Heat, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Houston Rockets. Recalling all those, the Maryland native never really mustered enough to gain the respect all-star players like James and Durant. At his age, he can always start in Gotham.

His interview with Bleacher Report may be taken by NBA fans in conflicting ways.

Claiming he has the talent good enough to match up with James and/or Durant may be scoffed by many. He reasons that his troubles are to blame, preventing his career to get off the ground.

Walk the talk

Beasley put a huge chip on his shoulder and the best he can do is try to “walk his talk.” The Knicks are in a rebuilding phase, the perfect opportunity for him to step up and show he really has the talent to be one of the NBA elite.

Known to be an offensive-minded player, Beasley could do well to improve in other departments. His ability to pass, rebound and protect the rim has been questioned on several occasions, elements which could help mold him into a complete player.

According to the New York Times, Beasley has trimmed down and altered his diet. Aside from that, Beasley sounded more mature and ready to become one of the leaders for the Knicks.

Looking at the club’s past campaigns, the maturity that he has exemplified could help a lot in improving the chances of New York this 2017-18 NBA season. The Knicks are still trying to get things together. Beasley could be a huge help if he maintains his focus.