In a recent guesting on "The Breakfast Club," comedian Michael Rapaport explained why he hates LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to Rapaport, it all started when his kids got ignored by James when they met him.

"When they ran into LeBron, he dissed my kids, like he gave 'em the (expletive) Heisman and turned his back to them," Rapaport shared. The 47-year-old actor believes that the reason for this might be an issue within their mutual friends, which he hated because his children had nothing to do with it. Rapaport continued that out of all the famous personalities that he and his kids met, James is the only one who did that.

As of this moment, the Cavaliers superstar has yet to respond to Rapaport's statements. He may not do so since the 2017-18 regular season already began and his focus is on basketball.

Rapaport also spoke about how James ruined the NBA when he left the Cavaliers and joined the Miami Heat. He explained that because of what James did, everyone is trying to imitate him, like Kevin Durant. In the 2016 offseason, Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder after eight seasons to be with the Golden State Warriors.

LeBron defends Warriors rookie

In other LeBron James news, the face of the franchise for the Cleveland Cavaliers defended rookie Jordan Bell of the Golden State Warriors. Some fans are unhappy with a play by Bell in the Warriors' 133-103 win over the Dallas Mavericks last night.

Late in the fourth quarter, with the Dubs assured of the victory, Bell used the backboard to pass the ball to himself for an alley-oop slam.

When the game ended, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr tried to apologize to his Mavericks counterpart, Rick Carlisle. However, Carlisle reportedly just went past Kerr. The dunk by Bell led to him and the Warriors receiving flak, but for James, it is no big deal.

In an interview, the Cavaliers forward emphasized the value of playing the game until the final buzzer sounds.

Cavaliers' schedule

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are returning to action on October 24 when they host the Chicago Bulls.

The game is the last of a two-game homestand. James and the Cavaliers are looking to get back on the winning track after losing to the Orlando Magic on Saturday (Oct. 22). Following this, they are heading to New York for a showdown with the Brooklyn Nets on October 25. On October 28, they will be in Louisiana for a game versus the New Orleans Pelicans.