The Miami Heat could eventually decide to make big trades this season in the hope of making the playoffs again. After failing to nab Gordon Hayward in free agency, the Heat will likely look for a small forward in trades.

Justise Winslow has been mentioned in numerous trade rumors over the past several weeks. ESPN insider Zach Lowe also predicted that the Heat will trade Winslow before the February 8 deadline.

Harrison Barnes mentioned as potential trade target for Miami Heat

The Miami Heat will have plenty of options if they decide to move Winslow before the NBA trade deadline.

Hoops Habit named Dallas Mavericks forward Harrison Barnes as one of the potential targets for the Heat.

Barnes had a solid first season with the Mavericks, as he averaged 19.2 points and 5.0 rebounds. However, it was not enough to lead the Mavericks to playoff contention. If the Mavericks decide to go into a different direction, the Heat might get a chance to acquire the 25-year-old forward.

The proposed deal between the Mavericks and the Heat involves Winslow. The Heat might also need to include Tyler Johnson, Kelly Olynyk and Wayne Ellington in the deal.

The trade will give the Mavericks a solid starter at the three spot. However, it will also hurt their depth moving forward. But on the other hand, they could address their lack of depth in free agency or future trades.

Miami Heat could use Winslow as sweetener in possible trades

Winslow was limited to 18 games last season due to a shoulder injury. The jury is still out for the third-year forward, but several teams are still expected to express interest in acquiring the former Duke standout.

According to Lowe, the Heat might eventually decide to go into a full rebuild.

This means that they might look to trade huge contracts to create cap room for free agents next summer.

One of the possible scenarios mentioned is a trade between the Heat and the Indiana Pacers. The Heat will package Winslow with Dion Waiters to acquire Bojan Bogdanovic and Cory Joseph. Waiters just signed a four-year deal worth $52 million last summer, while Bogdanovic and Joseph both have team-friendly contracts.

The deal will give Josh Richardson more room to prove his worth and solid backup point guard in Joseph. Bogdanovic could bring added scoring punch, who they can also let go without paying too much next summer. The Heat will only need to pay $1.5 million of Bogdanovic’s $10.5 million contract if they waive him before June 29 next year.