The Buffalo Bills entered Sunday's game at 4-2 with something to prove against the surging Oakland Raiders. In a 34-14 victory, the Bills showed that they are not a team that should be taken lightly. At this point, the 5-2 Bills are a serious playoff contender in the AFC and they sit just one game back from the New England Patriots in the AFC East. And the way this team is playing, they might just challenge the New England Patriots for the division crown.

Truly playing as a "team"

Sean McDermott has really emphasized the "team" aspect for the Buffalo Bills since he arrived.

No individual is too important to get away from the group mentality that Buffalo has, not even LeSean McCoy. An trade earlier in the week of Marcell Dareus for a sixth round pick showed just how committed the Bills are to that philosophy, and it has paid big dividends so far.

Thomas receives the game ball

The game ball didn't go to LeSean McCoy, who ran for 151 yards and a touchdown. It didn't go to Matt Milano, who returned a fumble for a touchdown late in the second half. And it didn't go to Sean McDermott, who coached a masterful game against the Raiders.

Instead, the game ball went to player who had just one reception for 7 yards on the day. Why? Because of something that happened earlier in the week.

Earlier in the week, Logan Thomas' newborn daughter died. That would be a tough event for anyone, it certainly was for Thomas and his family, who got plenty of support from the Bills organization and fans in the days afterward.

Today, Thomas was given the game ball in a gesture that will be appreciated by everyone involved.

You have to love how this Bills team rallies around each other and gives support to everyone.

That's an admirable quality, and it's great to see just how much the Bills care about their players.

Buffalo's home advantage

So far, the Bills are 4-0 at home, with wins over the New York Jets, Denver Broncos, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Oakland Raiders. In the press conference following the game, McDermott gave credit to Bills fans who make New Era Field such a tough place to play. It's loud, it's hard to communicate, and Buffalo feeds off the energy of its fans.

On Thursday, the Buffalo Bills will take on the New York Jets in a game that will have key playoff implications. If the Bills get to 6-2, they would be in the approximately 85% of NFL teams that make the playoffs after starting that way. You better believe that this Bills team believes they can get there.