Young teams in the NBA are bad—it's been proven time-and-time again. So, despite any optimism (LaVar Ball)—the Lakers will probably not make the playoffs, sniff the playoffs, or finish anywhere close to the top eight seeds in the Western Conference. And while Magic Johnson has come in to turn the franchise around, it's extremely difficult to build a championship contender without a superstar already on the roster.

Could that player be Lonzo Ball? Brandon Ingram? That’s what this season is about more than anything. The Lakers have already had to part with one young player, D'Angelo Russell, in order to dump a bad contract and clear cap space for next off-season—will they have to get rid of another?

LeBron James and Paul George are on Magic's radar, but does he have the talent to attract them?

What can Laker fans expect from their young phenoms?

Brandon Ingram had a solid rookie season, and his game appears ready for a leap. He has a nice touch to his jump shot, and his height and wingspan are ideal for the small forward position. While Ingram's thin frame is often brought up as a cause of concern, he looks to have put on some weight in the off-season and his length could be a huge asset on the defensive end. With Lonzo's preseason injury (ankle), Ingram got to assume some of the ball-handling responsibilities and had a chance to showcase his ability as a playmaker. But make no mistake about it, his job this season is to put the ball in the bucket and become the Lakers' go-to scorer.

Number two overall draft pick Lonzo Ball is a big name with an entertaining, unselfish game, but how much better can he make the Lakers? His elite passing skills will inject a shot of adrenaline to the Staples Center—and while that may be enough for some—expectations are off-the-charts for this young, unproven player.

The hype around Ball (and not just from his notorious father) builds him up as a transcendent talent, but he doesn't have high-end athleticism and hasn't demonstrated an ability to shoot consistently from the outside.

But maybe Lonzo's basketball IQ is so far off-the-charts and his ability to play a step ahead elevates his teammates' game to another level or two. That aspect will reveal itself over the course of the season, but Laker fans will at least have a fun team to root for again.

Is Kyle Kuzma better than them both?

There’s always some truth behind a little bit of kidding, right?

All eyes in LA have been on Lonzo to start the season, but Kyle Kuzma has been the most productive rookie in Laker land. That’s in large part because Ball sat out a portion of the summer league and much of the preseason. But at the same time—this rookie can play. Already, he's been called the steal of the draft, but that sentiment may be a little aggressive considering the season hasn’t tipped-off yet. However, the shooting he’s demonstrated from deep has been a pleasant surprise—and at his size, he can defend both forward positions. The Lakers have multiple talented young forwards, but if Kuzma keeps playing the way he has been, he’ll force his way into the rotation.