The Cleveland Cavaliers were able to withstand a comeback by the Boston Celtics, winning the game 102-99. The Cavs were led by LeBron James, who put up a near triple-double performance against former teammate Kyrie Irving. LeBron was happy about the win, but he was more concerned about his conditioning after the game. James did play 41 minutes and he felt like he needs to get back in game shape. James wasted no time in getting back in shape, as he was spotted going through an intense workout immediately after the game.

Break a sweat

James takes pride in his conditioning level and he told Kristen Ledlow in a postgame interview that he needs to get back into game shape.

LeBron didn't seem tired when he was playing, as coach Tyronn Lue saw that James wanted to take over the game telling reporters, "He has a little look in his eyes like, 'Come to me. Play through me.' That's what we did, and he was able to deliver." James finished the game with 29 points, 16 rebounds, 9 assist, and 2 blocks in another dominant performance but that didn't stop him from getting a little extra work after the game.

James was spotted on the VersaClimber machine after the game, which is one of the best workouts a player could do to get in shape, but not wear down the body. James doesn't want to exert too much energy, as he is coming off an ankle injury that sidelined him for about a month, which included missing four out of five preseason games.

James explained the position he is in, trying to get better but not trying to do much, telling reporters, "I just did some extra conditioning, as well. I don't feel great about where my game is right now after having taken off three weeks, 3½ weeks. Had a setback with that. Have to try to work through it, so there's going to be a fine line how much rest I give my ankle but how much conditioning I still do."

Still the King

What could be the scariest part about James and his desire to be in better shape is that he dominated the game, despite not being in the best physical shape.

It is only one game, which is a small sample size but LeBron looked reinvigorated. He might not admit it, but he has some motivation deep down to play so well that Irving regrets leaving Cleveland. Putting up numbers like that and not being at peak performance should scare all NBA teams, as James came to play this year.

Teammate Kevin Love commented on LeBron and his increased play in the fourth saying "Even though he, I think, only played one game in the preseason, he still can pick up his game to a level so much even when he looks a little bit winded."

LeBron did step up his play, scoring 13 points, grabbing six boards, and dishing out three assists in the final 12 minutes.

The Cavs are far from a perfect team, but pulling together and avoiding a collapse in the fourth quarter puts them on the right track. The Cavs have off until Friday when they play the Bucks so expect LeBron to get more rest and more conditioning.