Every year the Cleveland Cavaliers host a wine and gold scrimmage at the Quicken Loans Arena a few days before the preseason starts for the team. This is a time when the fans can get a glimpse at the Cavs squad which will be heading into the upcoming season. New players and new additions to the team are introduced for the first time in front of the fans at the stadium. But unfortunately for LeBron James and the fans in Cleveland, he won’t be able to play in the heavily anticipated wine and gold scrimmage game.

In the Cavaliers first day of training camp, LeBron James rolled over on his left ankle.

Although it was nothing too serious, being classed as a day-to-day injury. The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Cavs Clinic took the most precautionary steps they could, and have forced James to sit back and rest his ankle for the past week. Although, if this was the NBA playoffs, LBJ would be back on the hardwood the next day, it’s only the weeks before the season starts, so the Cavs and their staff want the King in the best shape possible heading into the new season.

Preseason is just around the corner

Although Coach Lue has stated that he doesn’t want LeBron James to do any unnecessary damage to the slightly injured left ankle of King James, there is still a few days till the NBA preseason starts for the Cleveland Cavaliers which gives The Chosen One a good amount of time to rest up and be back on the court.

LeBron is also very eager to get out on the court with his teammates, even if it's just for a preseason game, and make sure his ankle is loose and flexible. You will likely see King James in some preseason games this month.

Injury problems?

One thing the Cleveland Cavaliers players, fans, and the organization does not want this season is injury troubles.

The Cavs have five potential all-stars including LeBron James, Kevin Love, Isaiah Thomas, Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose and the potential for this team is scary, so any injury problems could be very bad. Thomas is currently struggling with a hip injury which will reportedly keep him out until late December or early January, and although he will return for the playoffs, the question begs: “will he have time to gel with the team?”

Although Wade, Rose, and Love are all healthy and ready for the season right now, they have struggled with injuries in the past.

More notably, Derrick Rose. His injury bugged career is well documented, and although he is just 28 years old, some believe his injuries have cut his prime short. Dwyane is 35 years old and has some knee troubles in recent years, so a wrong move might not end well for the veteran, Cavs fans will be hoping he stays healthy.

Love is usually reasonably healthy, only some back issues have slowed him down in recent years. And finally LeBron James, who may currently struggle with an Ankle Injury, will probably have another long invincible season, as he does every year. But the injury factor could make or break the Cavs season, and fans will be hoping to see a healthy roster come June 2018.