LeBron James isn't happy with his level of conditioning at the beginning of the season. After his near triple-double performance against the Celtics, he explained to TNT's Kristen Ledlow that he needs to get back in game Shape, as he played 41 minutes in that game and seemed a little more tired than normal. James is playing no games with him trying to get in better shape, as he explained at the Cavs' practice Thursday that he won't feel better until his body gets in better shape.

Back on the grind

James was seen working out on a VersaClimber machine after his game against the Celtics, as he is a man of his word in terms of getting in shape.

What might be scary to teams is that he put up a near triple-double performance in a game where he wasn't in his best physical shape. He can credit his lack of conditioning to the ankle injury he suffered about a month ago at practice. This injury caused him to sit out four of the five Cavs preseason games, which put him behind in his fitness.

LeBron emphasized his desire to get back in shape, telling a reporter after practice Thursday, "I just want to get to where I should be. The ankle and the foot injury just kind of kept me out and set me back farther than I would like. We've got two back to backs coming up so that's going to help."

Tyronn Lue didn't single out LeBron, as he said everyone needs to get in shape.

He believes the Cavs weren't playing the kind of tempo they need to play and that is due to their conditioning. Lue said they settled for the halfcourt offensive scheme instead of getting out on the break.

VersaClimber chronicles

The VersaClimber machine seems to be James' go-to workout as he worked out on it after the game and also brought his teammates along for the ride as well.

He gathered up his teammates for another VersaClimber workout at 7:30 a.m. Thursday morning before the team's 11 a.m. practice. Teammate and BFF Dwyane Wade posted the aftermath on his Snapchat looking worn out and letting out a gasp of air. LeBron James is known for getting his teammates up to get in extra work, as J.R. Smith talked about James getting him up to workout at 7 a.m.

in the offseason.

We can expect many more tales of the VersaClimber coming from LeBron and his teammates as he continues to get back in game shape. I'm not sure if his teammates will be happy with all the 7:30 a.m. workouts, but Tyronn Lue will. The Cavs looked like a team with championship potential after their first game, but all LeBron James is worried about is being in championship shape.