LeBron James has just entered his 15th season in the NBA, and while still at the young age of 32 the King has a lot of years left in the league. But LeBron has seemingly accomplished every goal he has wanted to since he stepped into the league. He has won an MVP award, a championship, played for the all-star team, and made the all-NBA first team. He has done all of these things on multiple occasions, but one thing that LeBron has stated as a goal he hopes to achieve has to do with free throw shooting.

Of course, adding more championships and MVP trophies is a huge goal for LeBron James, but in terms of goals that the King has yet to ever achieve, he is very interested in a certain statistic.

You may think he would be focusing on winning the defensive player of the year award at least once after finishing second to Marc Gasol and appearing very frustrated with the fact he didn’t win it back in 2013. James has made it known he was not happy with the decision and believed he deserved the award.

But heading into his 15th season, LeBron has the chance to do something he has surprisingly not been able to do during the first 14 seasons of his career.

LeBron values free throw shooting

The biggest flaw in LeBron’s impeccable game during his career has been his free throw shooting. It is the one aspect of the game where King James isn’t head and shoulders above the rest. Fans, media, and LeBron himself have heavily criticized his free throw shooting over the years and each season his free throw numbers are seemingly the only disappointing stat on his statline.

But before last season, the King vowed to shoot atleast 80% from the Free Throw Line, although he disappointingly didn’t live up to it, shooting 67.4% at the line during the season. But it seems that goal is still alive. LeBron recently talked about his goal, saying “I want to shoot 80 [percent] from the free-throw line… That’s my last goal of my NBA career… I’ve done everything else.”

King James has worked on his shooting form a lot over his career, and his teammates believe his form and shot this season is the best its been.

So LeBron has a good chance to finally achieve his goal this season.


One of the greatest statistical achievements for a season, is joining the 50-40-90 club. It’s a club NBA greats including Larry Bird, Steve Nash, and Kevin Durant have all joined by shooting 50% from the field, 40% from the three point line and 90% from the charity stripe.

Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Kyle Korver who is familiar with these spectacular shooting percentages offered the King the challenge of joining the 50-40-90 club for the first time in his career this season. LeBron knows it’s a big task but settled on the idea of 50-40-85, as he has never shot even 80% from the line, so 90% might be a big plunge. We will just have to wait and see if LeBron can achieve his goal this season.