The Golden State Warriors begin their NBA title defense against Houston Rockets with a loss of 122-121. It was a close game with Houston Rockets barely holding their ground. The first quarter ended with The Warriors leading one point in a 34-35 game. The Golden State was able to keep their lead in the second and third quarter scoring 28-36 and 26-30. However, the game changed when in the fourth quarter, the Rockets gained a 14 point lead with 34-20 score wrapping up the game with a 1 point lead. Rockets performed with a total of 48.5% field goals with a 36.6% 3 pt field goals and 68.4% free throws against Warriors with 53.8% total field goals and 53.5% 3 point shots and 90.5% free throws.

James Harden led the Houston Rockets with 27 points.

James Harden led the victory with a score of 27 points, six rebounds, ten assists and two personal fouls in 36 minutes. Followed by Ryan Anderson with a score of 13 points, eight rebounds, one assist and three personal fouls. The Rockets bench performed well with Eric Gordon scoring 24 points, one rebound, and one assist while P.J Tucker with 20 points and six rebounds. The Warriors were impressive throughout but the Rockets just refused to go away. Chris Paul had four points, eight rebounds, and 11 assists in his debut with the team. He finished the game on the bench, as Houston closed it out on the road for the big win. In their preseason loss against Spurs, Harden scored 15 points while adding 11 assists, three rebounds, and three steals in 34 minutes.

It was not an impressive performance considering Harden's standards as he previously struggled to find his three-point range.

Kevin Durant buzzer shot did not count.

Kevin Durant nearly saved the play but was tenths of a second late after the buzz was heard which ended the game. Stephen Curry led the scoreboard of starters with 22 points, five rebounds, four assists, and four personal fouls in a 29-minute play.

Kevin Durant scored 20 points, five rebounds, seven assists, and four personal fouls while Klay Thompson did 16 points, six rebounds, 3 assists and no personal fouls. On the bench, Nick Young finished with an impressive 23 points, two rebounds, and four personal fouls. In the fourth quarter, Draymond Green was forced out of the game after suffering a sprained knee which The Rockets took advantage of.

However, Green still managed to contribute 9 points, eleven rebounds, thirteen assists and three personal fouls in the game.

The Rockets managed to win against the championship favorites on the first night of the NBA season, and we can’t wait for more.