Floyd Mayweather Jr. is enjoying his retirement (again) after defeating UFC Champion Conor McGregor last August. The victory pushed him to 50-0 though most hardly count that as a real Boxing match.

The undefeated American boxer was spotted at the New York Knicks preseason game and denied he was afraid of Gennady Golovkin. He responded to a heckler and reiterated that he is happily retired. Could this be an igniter to woo Floyd Jr. back into the ring?

Stakes raised for Golovkin-Alvarez rematch

Golovkin is still reeling from a controversial draw against Canelo Alvarez.

One judge bore the brunt of the controversy, Adalaide Byrd, scoring it 118-110 in favor of the Mexican. GGG called it unbelievable and a rematch is expected to happen in 2018.

Known to be a dangerous knockout artist, Golovkin had his harrowing moments against Alvarez. The same is expected in the rematch thought the Kazakh KO artist may have added motivation when they meet again.

Mayweather has been known only to fight the best. He has faced and conquered big names in the sport. That list includes Alvarez, Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao. Golovkin is a star in his own right but lacks that star power to gain Floyd’s attention. A big win over the Mexican may help though holds no promise.

Is Mayweather even interested?

Having earned a big paycheck ($300 million) once more from the McGregor fight, unretiring for the fourth time would seem like a long shot for Mayweather. He obviously has nothing more to prove unless he continues to get heckled for getting his 50th boxing career win in an odd kind of way.

The point is Mayweather did not face a real boxer.

McGregor was never given a chance even if the Irishman made a good account of himself. Boxing fans want a real fight and against an actual professional boxer. There are plenty of names in the middleweight and welterweight division right now, led no less by Golovkin.

If ever Mayweather reconsiders, big money needs to be involved.

Golovkin is a great fighter but the revenue from a potential showdown with “Money” needs deeper evaluation. In case a GGG vs Mayweather fight does have potential to generate big money, that is still no guarantee that 40-year old will bite.

Unless there is sufficient reason for him to want more money, the chances of seeing Mayweather return to the ring are not so high. Records may no longer matter seeing how he has already amassed more than enough from the beatings in the ring. Facing Golovkin would be a risky move, most (including Floyd Jr.) knowing how one big punch could devastate the American fighter.

Will a GGG vs Mayweather happen? Unfortunately the odds of seeing one do not look so good.