Little has been known about the condition of Michael Schumacher since that fatal skiing accident back in Dec. 29 2013 in the French Alps. Schumi’s family had requested for privacy and instituted a media blackout. Former manager Willi Weber, however, thinks that fans deserve to know the real health status of the racing legend.

Weber spoke shortly after undergoing an operation on his back. Speaking to newspaper TZ, he blamed the confusion on Schumacher’s family and people managing the situation.

"I find it very unfortunate that Michael's fans do not know about his health.

Why are they not being told the truth?" he asked.

Formula 1 missing spunk

Based on a report by, the latest jab at the whole media blackout enforced by the Schumacher family has been somehow tied to the lack of attention Formula 1 has right now. For Weber, the state of the sport is like his back right now – painful.

Despite retiring from racing, Schumacher continues to be an iconic name to the sport. The racing legend’s son, Mick, has been trying to fill in his father’s shoes as he hopes to be as successful as his dad.

The 18-year-old was last seen on the race track in August. This was the time where he got the chance to get behind the wheel of his dad’s Benetton B194, the same race car his dad drive and won eight races with.

As mentioned in a previous post, all of it was arranged to commemorate Schumacher’s 1992 Belgian GP victory.

Weber's call unlikely to make a difference

Aside from the sport, Weber is the latest personality seeking an update on his former client and friend’s status. With almost four-years gone, credible reports on how Schumacher is doing has relegated most to simply just pray and hope for the best.

Tabloids and news mediums issued health updates in the past, bearing good and bad news. Most would, later on, be branded as inaccurate and fake news with Corrina Schumacher ending up taking legal action.

As before, official updates on Schumacher’s status remains limited to official spokesperson Sabine Kehm. Unfortunately, she has shared little, and such has led people like Weber to speak out and request that they come clean.

Weber’s call is unlikely to make a difference with Corrina and family limiting the real score on Schumacher within their small circle. The 48-year-old continues to be holed up in his Lake Geneva mansion as he continues to fight towards recovery and hopefully gets back his normal life.

There were initial reports that Schumacher would be getting treatment in Dallas. Dr. Mark Meeks had offered to help. Unfortunately, even that report was shot down.