Michael Schumacher continues to be held up at his Lake Geneva mansion with little to no updates on his actual condition. The family of the F1 racing legend implemented a strict media blackout since Schumi suffered brain damage from a ski crash back in 2013. Initially, there was a report from German magazine Bravo that Michael Schumacher was getting weaker and that relatives are allegedly contemplating a move to Dallas. The F1 racing legend owns a cattle ranch there, one that could be accessible to specialists.

Dr. Mark Meeks offers help

Had the move materialized, Schumacher would have been getting treatment from Dr.

Mark Meeks. He has extensive experience with trauma patients and could help improve the current health status of Schumi. According to the Mirror, Dr. Meeks believes that there is probably no clinic in Europe that handles as many cases as they do. A move to the United States made sense until a report from the Daily Mail revealed that the whole report was completely false.

Moving Schumacher not easy

Though the intention was good, it seems that any treatment for Schumacher will need to be done in Europe. A potential trip to the United States, had it materialized, would have required the consideration of several things. Presumably in a weakened state, transporting Schumacher would be risky. Though information on Schumi's actual medical condition has not been released, embarking on a trip for medical treatment at this point may not be wise.

Will Bravo hear from Corrina Schumacher soon?

With yet another false report on Michael Schumacher brought out in the open, it will be interesting to see if Corrina Schumacher takes legal action against Bravo. Corrina is currently calling the shots for the Schumachers but has limited updates through the official spokesperson, Sabine Kehm.

Despite calls for a media blackout, various magazines and tabloids have issued inaccurate updates.

Earlier in 2017, German celebrity magazine Bunte paid heftily for reporting that Michael Schumacher could walk again. The false report cost them £45,000 for that misleading piece. Aside from that, the Schumachers have had to deal with a lot of adversity.

That included dealing with a blackmailer named Huseiyn B. who threatened to inflict harm on their children unless money was paid, according to the Daily Mail.

Despite the unfortunate issues hounding the Schumachers, they have not dampened the outlook of Mick Schumacher. The 18-year-old son of Schumi has been making strides following in his dad’s footsteps. The last time Mick was on the race track was in August. He got the chance to drive his dad’s Benetton B194, the same race car his dad drove and won eight races in. The run was organized to commemorate Schumacher’s 1992 Belgian GP victory, his first F1 win.