Egypt's national football team, the Pharaohs, have qualified to play at the 2018 World Cup games in Russia. The country has not participated in these games since 1990, and the nation has been celebrating all week. The winning goal came from international soccer star Mohamed Salah with a penalty kick that secured Egypt's victory, 2-1.

Since their win last weekend, President Sisi has given each team member a bonus of $86,000. The president does not seem worried about the effect that this generous gift might have on Egypt's wavering economy. Analysts predict that Egypt's participation in the World Cup games will stimulate the economy.

Egypt's shining star

With the country suffering from severe inflation, Egyptians have been struggling with the prices of everyday items. However, the government is under the impression that with the Pharaohs heading to the World Cup games in 2018, the Egyptian people will start buying sports memorabilia and merchandise.

Their hopes lie with international football sensation Mohamed Salah, 25, who has been playing for Egypt since 2011. The footballer is no stranger to competition. He has been to the World Cup games before and even participated in the Summer Olympics of 2012 in London. He currently plays for Egypt's national team and Liverpool.

The country has been using Salah as the poster boy for the nation's favorite sport.

Local businesses are expecting to see a rapid increase in purchases of Salah merchandise leading up to the World Cup games next year.

Financing the road to the games

One issue that many countries tend to face when participating in any international competitions is the question of financing. Even with Egypt's unstable economy, they are expected to not have any problems financing the Pharaohs' trip to Russia for the 2018 World Cup games.

Egypt is a nation full of football lovers who remain ecstatic to see their country's team representing them at the games for the first time in 28 years.

Football champions

Even though they have not qualified for the World Cup in almost 30 years, Egypt's national football team is a strong unit that has seen many victories over the years.

They have taken the African Cup of Nations seven times in the past.

With the help of their new team manager, Hector Cuper, the team is expected to do well. Cuper, 61, is under tremendous pressure after leading the team to the African Cup of Nations final match earlier this year. They lost to Cameroon in a disappointing defeat of 2-1. Now, all of Egypt is looking to Cuper and Salah to carry the team to victory during the 2018 World Cup in Russia.