Dallas Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones spoke to the media about the recent decision of the NFL to re-implement the suspension of star running back Ezekiel Elliott for domestic abuse allegations. According to ESPN, Jones said that the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has the right to suspend players for these issues but did not use a fair method in this case.

The problems with Ezekiel Elliott's suspension

A woman in Dallas accused Ezekiel Elliott of striking her on multiple occasions in 2016. The police refused to press any charges against Elliott because there was conflicting evidence concerning whether or not the running back actually abused her.

The woman showed photos of the results of the alleged abuse but there was damaging evidence in her testimony.

The woman allegedly texted a friend who was not at the alleged abuse scene and asked her to lie for her. The people who were at the scene of the alleged crime said that Ezekiel Elliott did not do anything to the woman. Despite this, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell passed down a large six-game suspension for the Dallas Cowboys running back.

Ezekiel Elliott appealed the suspension and the NFL upheld the ruling. However, there was a huge problem. The NFL had a woman interview everyone to determine if the incident warranted a suspension. When the woman returned and said the evidence did not warrant a suspension, the NFL did not allow her to speak at the appeal hearing.

That is clearly what Jerry Jones considers unfair since the NFL was trying to make an example out of Elliott.

What is next for Ezekiel Elliott and the NFL

Ezekiel Elliott received a stay from a court in Dallas but the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the suspension should stand. This means that the Dallas Cowboys star running back will be out the next six games - ineligible to return until after Thanksgiving.

Elliott and the NFLPA have asked the appeals court to rehear the case, and if that doesn't happen, they will have to go to the New York courts, which have been pro-NFL in the past.

Jerry Jones said that the NFL process needs to remain fair of it will look like the NFL did something wrong in the process, even if they didn't.

The same could be said for a suspension against a player who might or might not have committed a crime at all.

What this means for the NFL is even more concerning. The NFLPA agreement expires in 2021. In the last agreement, the NFLPA allowed Roger Goodell these massive powers in suspending players in exchange for more money. That won't happen in 2021 and there is a real chance the players will strike until this power is taken away from the NFL commissioner and a fairer suspension hearing process is implemented.