The Green Bay Packers suffered the worst injury the team could ever imagine when Aaron Rodgers went down against the Minnesota Vikings with a broken collarbone. Without Rodgers, the Packers have almost no chance of making a Super Bowl run unless they make an upgrade at quarterback going forward. Could that upgrade come in the form of Tony Romo?

Why would Tony Romo go to the Packers?

When Tony Romo was a kid, he grew up in Wisconsin and was a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers. His idol was Brett Favre and Romo based a large part of his playing style on that of Favre.

Romo ended up playing college at Eastern Illinois and then signed with the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent.

Romo played his entire career with the Dallas Cowboys before retiring this past offseason. The retirement was not Romo's choice as the Cowboys replaced him at starting quarterback with Dak Prescott after his most recent back injury in 2016 allowed the rookie to prove to be a star.

As early as Thursday night, Jim Nantz talked about Tony Romo throwing his last pass in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys. Romo, possibly jokingly, asked, "was it my last pass?" While Romo laughed his statement off, there is now a chance for Romo to do what many predicted he could - but for a very interesting team.

Aaron Rodgers' injury

Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone in the first quarter after taking a big hit from a Minnesota Vikings late hit by Anthony Barr. reported that the broken collarbone will result in the "chance" that the Green Bay Packers will now place him on the injured reserve list. While Rodgers returned in seven weeks in 2013 from a broken collarbone, this one was to his throwing shoulder.

Brett Hundley, a fifth-round NFL Draft pick from 2015, had a great 129.6 passer rating as a rookie in the preseason and the Green Bay Packers coaching staff believes he can be a quality NFL starter. They almost traded him this offseason but chose to hold onto their backup. If Dak Prescott proved anything for the Dallas Cowboys last season, it is that a savior can come from unexpected places.

Brett Hundley replaced Aaron Rodgers to finish off the Minnesota Vikings game and ended up completing 18-of-33 passes (54.5 percent) for 157 yards and a touchdown but he also threw three interceptions. The Green Bay Packers lost, 23-10.

What could Tony Romo bring?

Jay Cutler returned from retirement when the Miami Dolphins needed someone to replace Ryan Tannehill. The Dolphins were a playoff team last year and felt that Cutler could keep them in the mix this season. Cutler has led Miami to a 303 record and they just knocked off the Atlanta Falcons.

The Green Bay Packers had Super Bowl hopes this season and Tony Romo could be the man to keep them in the mix. He would have more quality receiving targets than he ever had with the Dallas Cowboys and could take over a team that is 4-2 and tied for first in the NFC North.

Romo, while never able to win a Super Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys, still holds most the Cowboys passing records. It will be interesting to see what will happen if the Green Bay Packers pick up the phone. Tony Romo playing for his hometown favorites would be a huge lure for the retired quarterback.