Conor McGregor has yet to announce details about his next move following his failed boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather Jr. The Ultimate Fighting Championship superstar is being linked to several fighters, including Nick Diaz and Georges St-Pierre.

The third showdown with Diaz is considered as the most likely option for McGregor. However, fans are still hoping to see McGregor collide with returning superstar Georges St-Pierre.

Why the blockbuster Georges St-Pierre vs Conor McGregor fight can happen

The talks about the potential McGregor-GSP bout started even before St-Pierre announced that he will return to the Octagon.

Now that GSP is set to make his comeback from a long layoff, the showdown with McGregor is now closer to reality.

Famed boxing coach Freddie Roach recently hinted in an interview with TMZ that St-Pierre could eventually face McGregor. The Hall of Famer, who is training St-Pierre for his comeback fight, added that he thinks GSP will beat McGregor if they collide inside the Octagon.

While some fans still have doubts about the proposed showdown, Brian Campbell of CBS Sports thinks the GSP-McGregor fight is not a long shot at all. He pointed out that GSP might decide to go down to the welterweight division again if he scores an impressive win against Michael Bisping on November 4.

According to Campbell, agreeing to face GSP will also be a no-brainer for McGregor and his camp.

The Dublin native has been showing all along that he wants to get the biggest fight available for him on the market. It was actually the reason why he faced Mayweather instead of UFC fighters who are aching to get a shot at his title.

McGregor has the luxury of sitting out for the next several months and is just waiting for the right opportunity to face St-Pierre.

It was pointed out that the potential St-Pierre vs McGregor blockbuster is expected to set a new PPV record for UFC if it happens soon, which means that “The Notorious” won’t lose a lot of if he decides to wait for GSP.

Dana White not closing doors on the McGregor vs St-Pierre showdown

Meanwhile, UFC president Dana White also hinted that the proposed super fight could happen next year.

In fact, White already mentioned possible venues if the showdown is finalized.

White named the 100,000-seater Croke Park in Ireland as a potential venue along with Toronto and Las Vegas. “We could do it in Croke Park in Ireland, where there’s like 100,000 seats. You could do it here in Toronto, where we had 56,000 people, and you could do it in Vegas, which is always good, too,” he told MMA Weekly.

However, he also pointed out that GSP should prove his worth first against Bisping in order to become an option for one of McGregor’s next fight. McGregor could also be required to face interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson before he gets a clearance to face St-Pierre.