It has been a fascinating offseason in the NBA so far. We have witnessed many surprising and unexpected roster moves and changes, and it seems like the 2017/2018 season could be one of the most interesting seasons in recent years. The Cleveland Cavaliers have probably been one of the most talked about teams this offseason, and rightfully so. After losing the 2017 NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors, the Cavaliers entered the offseason with hopes of reducing the gap between themselves and the Warriors.

Instead, the Cavaliers faced a major issue when Kyrie Irving requested a trade in July.

Irving was traded eventually to the Boston Celtics, and the Cavaliers will start the next season with a retooled roster in comparison to last season.

What could have been for the Cavs

The Cavaliers received several good players in the Kyrie Irving trade, including Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder. But long before Irving was sent to Boston, the Cavs could add two other superstars to their roster. According to Carmelo Anthony himself, he and Paul George were supposed to be traded to the Cavaliers in June on Draft night. Anthony's and George's names were oftentimes linked to the Cavaliers this offseason, but both of these All-Star players ended up in Oklahoma with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

After Anthony was traded to the Thunder, this is what he said about his relationship with Paul George and what could've happened earlier this offseason: "Me and PG have a very close friendship," said Anthony.

"Actually, it was funny because me and PG were supposed to be in Cleveland on draft night. The deal was actually done, and it got called off on draft night, so me and PG stayed connected throughout the course of the season."

The real 'Super Team.'

It remains unclear why this trade didn't go through but had it happened; the Cavaliers would've been the real "Super Team" in the NBA.

Can you imagine Carmelo Anthony and Paul George playing alongside LeBron James in Cleveland? Scary, to say the least. The 33-year-old Anthony averaged 22.4 points and 5.9 rebounds per game last season, while George averaged 23.7 points and 6.6 rebounds per game.

Both of them will play in the Western Conference next season alongside Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma.

With the addition of these two All-Stars, the Thunder will be one of the favorites to reach the NBA Finals next season. It looks excellent on paper, but it remains to be seen how well will they perform on the court.