The Cleveland Cavaliers rebounded from their first loss of the season to the Orlando Magic by welcoming the Chicago Bulls into their home and beating them, 119-112 on Tuesday night. While the Cavaliers are still without their starting point guard in Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade chose to play second-team starting in this game. LeBron James was able to help lead his team to victory.

Bulls head coach talks LeBron

After the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the rebuilding Chicago Bulls on Tuesday night, Bulls Head Coach Fred Hoiberg had some interesting things to say about LeBron James.

In what should come as no surprise, Hoiberg was completely complimentary about the Cavaliers superstar.

Hoiberg knew coming into the game on Tuesday night that the Cavaliers were playing without a true starting point guard. As a result, it was LeBron James who took control of the Cavaliers offense in the game. After the Bulls tough loss, Hoiberg explained that Cleveland can put LeBron anywhere on the floor and it won't change anything because James is the most dominant player in the game.

LeBron James was masterful in the win, scoring 34 points with 13 assists. James has not officially played the guard position since 2012 when he was playing with the Miami Heat. He didn't show any rust when running the Cavaliers offense, as evident by a behind-the-back, no-look pass to Jae Crowder for a 3-pointer.

LeBron James comfort at guard

LeBron James is confident in his skills. According to the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar, when he was a kid he tried to learn every position on the court. He said that he can play point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center if needed. James said that he knows all the plays for every position and the reads as well.

Over his NBA career, LeBron has played small forward for 141 games, point guard and power forward six times and shooting guard once. James is also not afraid to take complete control making 12 of the Cleveland Cavaliers first-quarter points.

"You're playing against the best player on the planet," Fred Hoiberg said after watching the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar take down his Bulls.

LeBron James also made everyone else better. Dwyane Wade scored in double-digits for the first time since joining the Cleveland Cavaliers and did it coming off the bench. Kevin Love is still thriving with his move to center and added 20 points and 12 rebounds of his own.