When Kurt Angle made his return to the WWE for the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony, talk immediately started on when - or if - fans would ever see the Olympic gold medal winner back in the ring wrestling again. In a recent interview with Fox Sports Austrailia, Angle was asked about his return to active Wrestling and once again said that he thinks it will happen one day.

What is keeping Angle out of the ring?

Kurt Angle said in the interview that he is ready to start wrestling again but that it is not up to him. Angle said that he won't return until Vince McMahon signs off on it.

This is the same line of thought that has been intact since Angle came back to the WWE. The first thing that has to happen is for Angle to get clearance from McMahon.

Once Vince McMahon decides that he will give Kurt Angle a chance to wrestle in the WWE again, Kurt will have to pass a physical. Ever since Jerry Lawler had a heart attack on television after a match with Dolph Ziggler, McMahon and the WWE is very careful about the physical limitations of its talent. This is something that Angle is pretty sure he will pass.

Another question that some fans have is whether or not Kurt Angle can pass the WWE drug tests surrounding their Wellness Policy. The biggest reason the WWE chose to let him go to begin with, as well as the reason they took so long to welcome him back, was because of his battles with alcohol and pain pills.

The good news is that, even as a general manager, as an on-air talent, Kurt Angle has to take the same random drug tests as the rest of the WWE superstars. Possibly, the more drug tests that Angle passes successfully, the more Vince McMahon will trust giving him another chance to wrestle again.

What would Kurt do in the WWE?

The biggest thought on Kurt Angle wrestling in the WWE again was putting him up against Triple H.

When Angle took Stephanie McMahon's place as the general manager of Monday Night Raw, it looked like they were heading in that direction. However, Angle pointed to another story that would bring him back to the ring.

That features the angle where Jason Jordan is playing the on-screen son of Kurt Angle on Monday Night Raw. From the look of it, they will play up Jordan trying to live up to his dad's name and then eventually have him turn heel against Kurt Angle, setting up a match between the two.

Other names that Kurt Angle mentioned possibly wrestling in the WWE include Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Cesaro, Rusev, and more.