Football player Wayne Rooney admits that his marriage is over after the Laura Simpson controversy emerged online. He has been accused of “kissing and cuddling with an office worker, Laura Simpson. Pregnant wife, Coleen after learning about this, had stormed out of their 4-million-pounds worth mansion, a report by The Sun claims.

Rooney charged with drinking and driving

Wayne Rooney last week, was accused of Drinking And Driving on Friday night. Following which, reports of his inappropriate behavior with Laura Simpson started flooding the internet.

It has been suggested that Rooney was cozying up to Simpson in his car, and was even seen drinking with her all night. The two were headed somewhere in the car when the cops stopped the former Manchester United player. The confrontation regarding this matter with his wife, Coleen took place over the week.

Everton player apologized to Coleen

According to a report by Mirror, Coleen was seen driving out of their home in a white Range Rover Overfinch along with kids, Kai, Klay, and Kit post the argument. She is currently living at her parent’s home in Spain. Coleen has even reportedly admitted to her friends, and she thinks her marriage is over, while Wayne is the state wherein he doesn’t know what to do.

Sources close to the matter told Daily Mail that there is a chance that Coleen might have a change of heart. But as for now, she feels that she has had enough the humiliation and is planning on walking away. “He’s (Rooney) had to apologize to Coleen for lots of things in the past – but this is looking like the toughest one yet,” the source said.

Whereas the unidentified Laura Simpson is concerned, she apparently said that Rooney was “less” intoxicated when he was driving. He was only meant to drop her to her car that was parked a mile away. The police, who stopped the car before it could reach the destination, stated that he was three times the drink-drive limit when he was caught.

Wayne Rooney is now scheduled to appear in Magistrates Court towards the end of this month. It also seems that Coleen is ardent at going her separate way. She uploaded a picture of her sons on Instagram yesterday, which read, “No matter where I am they always follow me, and I hope that lasts forever.” Coleen even reportedly confronted Simpson, telling her that the world is laughing at her because of what they did. Several media publications tried reaching out to Coleen’s parents for a comment but have been unsuccessful at it.