Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant criticized his former coach and teammates with the Oklahoma City Thunder in a series of tweets that were now deleted. It all started when a Twitter user (@ColeCashwell) tweeted Durant.

Durant’s account (@KDTrey5) answered with a third-person reply, thrashing his former Thunder head coach Billy Donovan and a weak supporting roster behind him and Russell Westbrook.

Twitter user @harrisonmc15, who captured the Warriors' superstar tweets before they were deleted, assumed that the Warriors superstar has secret accounts that he uses to defend himself and forgot to switch to them before replying. Another user (@codywallace1244) tweeted Durant “Thought you were slick deleting that huh?” together with the screenshots of his deleted tweets. Durant replied “no, I just deleted it.”

Durant also has secret Instagram account

Tim Cato of SB Nation reported that Reddit has uncovered Durant’s secret Instagram account named “quiresultan”, which is being followed by Warriors’ teammate Draymond Green, Andre Roberson of the Thunder, Big Sean and a few close friends.

Durant’s brother used that Instagram account to tag one of Kevin’s photos. Cato also googled “quiresultan” and he discovered that they are streets next to each other in Capitol Heights, Maryland where Durant grew up. That Instagram account has been used several times to argue with different people.

Durant sparked rift with Stephen Curry

Recently, Durant sparked a rift with teammate Stephen Curry when he mentioned during a podcast interview with Bill Simmons “nobody wants to play in Under Armours.” Curry is the main endorser of Under Armour while Durant endorses Nike. Curry took exception to Durant’s comment and arranged a meeting with him to clear the air.

Curry said Durant is entitled to his own opinion but his statement about Under Armour “does not ring true at all”, adding that many people now prefer his brand now compared to four years ago. In 2014, Durant almost signed a 10-year deal worth $250 million with Under Armour but Nike came up with a $300 million offer at the last minute. Despite their differences in shoe endorsements, Durant and Curry assured that this will not affect their relationship and their play in the coming season. Durant won his first NBA title after he left the Thunder and joined the Warriors last season. He led the Warriors to a 4-1 series win over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.