Superstar Kevin Durant said critics are trying to create division among the Golden State Warriors by making it appear that he has a rift with teammate Stephen Curry over their respective shoe endorsements. “We the Warriors. Everybody trying to figure out a way to break us up, so they gonna use that too,” Durant told Rachel Nichols of ESPN, referring to his previous statement criticizing shoe brand Under Armour, who’s being endorsed by Curry. According to Durant, he already spoke to Curry and explained his statement on the matter, adding that there were no issues between them.

“We were never in a bad place when I said that. So it's like we didn't have to patch anything up. He had a conversation with me about it, and I understood. We moved on,” explained Durant. The controversy stemmed from Durant’s comment during an interview with The Bill Simmons Podcast on Aug. 27, where he said that "nobody wants to play in Under Armours, I'm sorry.” He added that “top kids don't because they all play Nike.” Durant, however, almost signed a 10-year endorsement deal worth $250 million. He then used that offer as leverage to force Nike to sign him up to contract worth $300 million.

Curry responded to Durant’s statement

Earlier, Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer reported that Curry took exception to Durant’s statement, saying he met with his teammate to clear the air.

Curry believes that Durant’s statement was based on his experience growing up in the Nike business, adding that he’s entitled to his own opinion. However, Curry said Durant’s statement about Under Armour “does not ring true at all.” Despite this, Curry said the issue will not divide him and Durant and won’t affect the Warriors’ campaign in the coming season.

“This is nothing that is going to put a wrench in the locker room,” said Curry.

Durant helped Warriors win 2nd title in 3 years

Durant joined the Warriors after nine seasons with the Oklahoma City Thunder and helped the team win their second title in three years. Durant averaged 25.1 points in the regular season but he stepped up his game in the NBA Finals after tallying 35.2 points, 8.2 rebounds and 5.4 assists, leading the Warriors over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

He recently signed a two-year deal worth $53 million with the Warriors, $9 million below the maximum salary that he demanded. Durant’s move allowed the Warriors to sign Curry to a five-year supermax deal worth $201 million and key reserves such as Andre Iguodala, Shaun Livingston, David West and JaVale McGee.