Trevor Siemian of the Denver Broncos knows he has big shoes to fill, a virtual unknown to NFL fans. After peyton manning’s retirement, most were reserved on what the 7th round pick of the 2015 NFL Draft could offer.

So far, he has been holding up well. Against the Dallas Cowboys, Siemian threw four touchdown passes that helped Denver trash Dallas, 42-17. He currently holds a total quarterback rating (QBR) of 75.2 through two games this season and a completion percentage of 65. Though still early, why is Siemian not getting the attention and hype similar to the likes of Dak Prescott?

Siemian prefers to play than talk

Unlike other NFL players who have used media to build their hype, Siemian has preferred to let his play do the talking. Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas believes that their quarterback hardly talks to media as frequently and believes football fans will eventually take notice.

The NFL season is still in the early stages, meaning Siemian’s brilliance will depend on how long he can hold up. So far, cornerback Aqib Talib has praised the 25-year-old’s accuracy and wits. If he continues to hold onto that, he believes the Northwestern graduate can take his place among the NFL stars this year.

Tough mountain to climb

Considering the Broncos have had the likes of John Elway and Peyton Manning, Siemian has a tough grind ahead.

Elway and Manning delivered Super Bowls to Denver and the same is expected from the budding star. Obviously, the bar has been set at a pretty high level. Siemian may be aware of all that and has quietly tried to reach that with his smart play-calling for the Broncos.

Other than that, most may have forgotten the fact that Siemian was not originally the guy Denver groomed to succeed Manning.

That title belonged to Brock Osweiler who most know initially bailed and joined the Texans. Osweiler is back but also has his work cut out for him. After a disappointing year with the Texans, the 26-year-old ended up going back to Denver after the Cleveland Browns cut him off.

Aside from Osweiler, there is Paxton Lynch waiting in the wings.

Though he showed promise, coach Vance Joseph has stuck to Siemian to start. The way the 25-year-old is (quietly) holding up, Lynch and Osweiler may have to wait a while to show if they can show up Siemian.

With or without the fame, Siemian seems more concerned about helping the Broncos this 2017-18 NFL season. He is off to a good start, though it is still early to assess how far he can lead the team.