The drama surrounding Donald Trump and the National Football League (NFL) has dominated the headlines over the last five days. While Trump has mainly used social media to speak out against the league, he did so once again during a joint press conference with the Prime Minister Of Spain.

Trump on NFL

Rewinding back to last Friday night, Donald Trump appeared along side GOP candidate Luther Stranger who is running in a run-off election on Tuesday to fill the vacant Senate seat left open by Jeff Sessions. During his speech to those in attendance, the former host of "The Apprentice" took aim at the NFL and the players for protesting the national anthem.

Referring to those who protest a "son of bitch," Trump went on to call for the owners to fire the players who took a knee during the ceremony. In the days that followed, the president would continue his onslaught against the league and the players, doing so in several rants on Twitter, resulting in massive backlash from his critics and sports figures. On Sunday, the number of players who protested the national anthem was over 200, the largest in history, which triggered Trump to fire back during the games. The issue was brought up against during a Q&A with reporters following Trump's press conference with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, as reported by ABC News on September 26.

With Mariano Rajoy of Spain by his side, Donald Trump was pressed early on by reporters about his aforementioned feud with the NFL and whether or not he was preoccupied with the drama.

"I wasn't preoccupied with the NFL," Trump insisted, before adding, "I was ashamed of what was taking place."

"To me, the NFL situation is a very important situation," Donald Trump went on to say, while noting, "I have plenty of time on my hands.

All I do is work." Continuing with his previous theme and rhetoric, the commander in chief accused those who protest the national anthem of being "disrespectful" the United States and those who gave their lives for freedom.

Moving forward

With Donald Trump not backing down in his feud with the NFL, only time will tell if he's correct in thinking he can balance the other aspects of being the president.

While he was raging about football over the weekend, many called out the billionaire real estate mogul for staying relatively quiet about the recent hurricane that devastated much of Puerto Rico. On Monday night, Trump finally addressed the hurricane damage on the island, but faced additional backlash for pointing out Puerto Rico's debt to the United States in his Twitter comments.