You never know when karma will bite hard. For former Buffalo Bills cornerback stephon gilmore, it bit him the moment that Alex Smith and Tyreek Hill connected on a 75-yard touchdown against the New England Patriots last night. Former Buffalo Bill Stephon Gilmore got beat on the play. Just like he did during his stint with the Bills, the cornerback deflected blame by pointing his finger at other players. Many Buffalo fans sat watching the television with a smug grin, as Gilmore’s hope of being on national tv more came true during the Patriots match-up against the Kansas City Chiefs. Gilmore’s screw-up created a game of memory lane for Bills fans familiar with his weaknesses.

Gilmore’s July Twitter Wish

When Gilmore became a free agent during the off-season, he signed a big contract with the Patriots. Calling himself the Gilly Lock on Twitter, Gilmore rubbed his departure into Buffalo fans’ faces by tweeting in July, “My People finally going to get to see me play on tv. #Patsnation#aboutthattime.”

Buffalo Bills fans did not take too kindly to the comment, especially since they knew Gilmore’s penchant of getting burned on long pass plays and his halfheartedly tacking effort at times. Instead of wrapping a guy up, Gilmore would sometimes throw shoulder hits that failed to stop wide receivers. Bills fan Andy Olsson said in response to Gilmore on Twitter, “I've watched you get torched on TV for years now.

Maybe it's best they don't watch.”

Torched by Tyreek Hill

Seeing Gilmore getting torched by Tyreek Hill last night seemed like justified karma for a guy that trash talked his former team. Brian Mulhern got in the Twitter action with a rebuttal in July that said, “No seriously good luck overpaying a guy who got torched by Chris Hogan last year.”

Chris Hogan is another former Buffalo Bill, who jumped ship for the Patriots.

Hogan’s weaknesses of dropped passes, which Buffalo incurred during his time with the team, were also on display for all to see during yesterday’s Kansas City game. Hogan was shut out on receptions last night by the Chiefs defense. Tom Brady did not throw any touchdowns for the evening.

Bills fans felt that Gilmore should have played harder at times.

Gilmore smiled a lot for the camera last night when he sensed he was being filmed. It did not take long for reality to hit. For the night, the Patriots posted the worst defensive showing under coach Bill Belichick. According to Sports Illustrated, New England’s defense gave up 537 yards on defense. To know that Gilmore was part of that defense probably gives some solace to Bills’ fans, who are tired of seeing former Bills players end up in Foxboro. Right now, the defending Super Bowl champions are on the bottom of the AFC-East at 0-1.

Good luck on national television, Stephon Gilmore.