With two Monday Night Football games, ESPN's staff was spread a little bit thin on Monday night. Rex Ryan wasn't exactly lighting it up as a first time announcer, but he was far better than another staff member during the Broncos Chargers game. At one point on Monday night, both a meme and a star was born. Let's take a look at the full moment in question.

Sergio Dipp's Sideline Reporting

A second rate crew from ESPN produced what was a truly cringeworthy sideline report. Sergio Dipp can be seen giving what has to be one of the worst sideline reports of all time in the following video:

What was ESPN thinking?

Clearly this is his second language, and we know from his profile. But the saddest part of this is that Dipp probably has no idea what is going on right now. In fact, right after his report, Dipp posted this Tweet.

That's not the reaction that most would have after embarrassing themselves on national television, but it's great to see that Dipp can smile about it. Unfortunately, both the internet and the world of Twitter are not so kind.

Internet pokes fun at Sergio Dipp

So far, we have plenty of people staying awake just to try and catch a glimpse of another Dipp sideline report.

Unfortunately, it looks like he may be under consideration for a new job with a separate administration.

He might be a good candidate for the position. Nobody would be able to figure out what he was talking about and reporters and journalists would be lost. Thankfully, the American people can guess who Dipp is on Jeopardy, which should prevent him from ever reaching such a high position.

And even Rex Ryan's poor announcing is being overshadowed by the greatness that is Sergio Dipp.

Worst Announcing Ever?

The internet, as merciless as it is, definitely didn't stop there as more and more people continued to pile on the criticism.

Most couldn't even believe that Dipp was a real announcer.

And I couldn't either when I was watching. It felt like someone was playing a prank on me, except ESPN actually tried to pass off this individual as a real reporter. I'm in agreement with a majority of Twitter when I say that what Dipp said made absolutely no sense.

Still, it's hard to argue that what happened on Monday night didn't have some redeeming qualities.

It was definitely entertaining.

Is it possible he was held there against his will?

I doubt it, but it would certainly explain the "having the time of his life" comment made about head coach Vance Joseph. In any case, Sergio Dipp gave the internet plenty to work with this evening.