Last Week, we took a look at the best ten defenses for week 1. Among those Defenses were the Buffalo Bills defense, Steelers defense, and the highest scoring defense of the week, the Rams defense. This week, we'll analyze the matchups and consider which defenses will be the best starts in week 2 of the Fantasy Football season.

1. Seahawks D/ST

The Seahawks had a tough assignment in week 1 against the Packers, and didn't deliver a great fantasy performance, but didn't deliver a bad one either. They scored just 6 fantasy points, but should find it a little bit easier to put up better fantasy numbers in week 2 against a 49ers offense that managed to score just 3 points against the Panthers defense.

2. Raiders D/ST

The streaming option for this week is the same team that plays the Jets offense. Any defense that plays the Jets offense immediately has a solid chance to score fantasy points, and the Raiders defense, which isn't amazing, is more than capable of putting up solid numbers in week 2.

3. Bengals D/ST

The Bengals were terrible in week 1, but they will get another shot in week 2 against a Texans offense that was nothing short of a disaster in week 1 against the Jaguars. On Thursday night, the Bengals defense will show up and take advantage of the rookie quarterback under center.

4. Cardinals D/ST

Without Luck, the Colts were awful in week 1 against the Rams, whose defense scored the highest number of fantasy points in week 1.

So far, it doesn't look like he is coming back for week 2, which makes the Cardinals an elite defense.

5. Panthers D/ST

The Bills don't turn the ball over often, which limits the upside of a defense like the Panthers, but it's hard not to like a team that allowed only 3 points in week 1. The Bills offense isn't exactly spectacular, so the Panthers defense shouldn't have much trouble turning in a solid fantasy performance in week 2.

6. Ravens D/ST

The Ravens defense turned in an impressive game in week 1, shutting out Andy Dalton and the Bengals on their way to a whopping 22 fantasy points. Now Baltimore gets to take on a rookie quarterback for the Browns at home, which should result in another excellent fantasy day.

7. Rams D/ST

It's hard not to put the highest scoring fantasy defense from week 1 on this list, so here they are.

The Eagles defense actually managed to score 23 fantasy points against the high powered Redskins offense, which means the Rams defense is more than capable of turning in a solid week 2 against Washington.

8. Texans D/ST

I'll give the Texans another shot to redeem their defense in week 2 against a Bengals team that scored exactly zero points in week 1. I'm not thrilled with it, but the Jaguars scored a ton of points off mistakes, and if the Texans can avoid those, the defense should turn in a good fantasy day.

9. Chiefs D/ST

The Chiefs defense wasn't a great start in week 1 against the Patriots, but now the defense becomes one of the elite ones again. They aren't a home run in week 2 against the Eagles, but they are still one of the ten best defenses this week.

10. Bucs D/ST

The Bears were much better than a lot of people were giving them credit for, but now Chicago will have to play a real defense in Tampa Bay. The Bucs also got some extra rest after not playing week 1, which could help them put up big fantasy numbers for week 2.