Russell Westbrook is one of the best point guards in the NBA and it can be argued that he is the best player in the league at his position. The reigning MVP made headlines yesterday by signing a historic contract extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Loyalty pays off and that is exactly what Westbrook is, having played with the Thunder for his entire career. It is the only team he has ever known, and it is easy to say that this is his team now.

The details

According to ESPN, the contract will start in the 2018-2019 season and will be the biggest guaranteed contract in NBA history.

The total payout comes out to six seasons, $233 million dollars as stated in the article. He will remain a member of the Thunder for another six years and possibly end his career in Oklahoma.

Westbrook announced the news in a statement saying, "There was no place he'd rather be than Oklahoma City and that he was honored to continue his career with the Thunder." He also took to his Instagram page to post about the extension with a picture of himself with the caption, "WHY NOT??"

Last season

Russell Westbrook had a historic performance last year for the ages. It was easy to see that he deserved to win MVP. Although, James Harden also had a stellar season and he was a frontrunner to get MVP. However, Westbrook was able to average a triple-double of 31.6 points, 10.7 rebounds, along with 10.4 assists as highlighted in the article.

These numbers are staggering and unbelievable as he was able to lead his team to the playoffs.

They had an early exit out, but this season will be different this time around. The Thunder have added a lot of talent to be more competitive this season and even possibly win a title.

The Point Guard is iconic in the league having explosiveness, a nice jump shot, and superb speed.

He is a great all-around player who gives his all on both sides of the floor. In addition, he plays with an aggressive style slashing to the rim and speeding through defenders. The guard is quite often misunderstood for being too much of a volume shooter or taking too many shots. This proves to not be true as he is a willing passer and his numbers speak for it.

Irony of the day

It was ironic when it was announced to the public that Russell Westbrook signed this huge contract because the guard took to publicize it on Kevin Durant's birthday. Durant turned 29 on the same day that reports came out on the extension. So, maybe Russell did this on purpose or it is just a coincidence. It could very well have been on purpose due to the strained relationship between the two players.

The other truth is that losing Durant caused Westbrook to get the huge contract extension. The Thunder have a lot of talent this year and will be looking to make noise in the playoffs. They acquired Paul George from the Pacers and Carmelo Anthony from the Knicks. Both are outstanding players with playoff experience who could get the Thunder over the hump to win in the postseason.

The team could try and persuade George to stay a member of the Thunder.

Russell Westbrook has a lot of help this year and he is going to use it to its full potential. All the MVP could want now is a title or ring, and he might just get one this season.