Paul George is getting used to his new home in Okc, as he was traded to the Thunder in the offseason from the Pacers. George might be the piece the team needs, as last year they were only supported by the reigning MVP Russell Westbrook. Now that the Thunder have two stars in their backcourt, it will be easier for Russell to share the load with George. At a recent event showcasing the new Nike uniforms (which are pretty slick), George talked about his aspirations for this season. He said he wants to win the MVP award, which might be feasible if he continues from where he left off last season.


Paul George is one of the league's best players, as he is great on both the offensive and defensive sides of the floor. George has proven that he can be a franchise player during his time with the Pacers, helping them make the playoffs six out of seven seasons. George had a fiery end to the season, scoring over 23 points per game and boosting Indiana into the playoffs. Paul seems ready to continue his great play, as playing with another superstar in Westbrook can elevate anyone's play.

George explained his desire for the MVP Trophy saying, "I'm going for it. I'm going for that hardware."

George's statement might seem small, but he might have foretold his future in those few words. George is scheduled to be a free-agent after this season.

If he and Westbrook can play well together and go deep into the playoffs, he might want to stay in OKC. These statements might fire the reigning MVP up, making him elevate his play to help George get to that accolade.

What's the possibility?

Speaking in logistical terms, it will be very hard for George to obtain the MVP award for many reasons.

The biggest reason is his new teammate, Westbrook. Westbrook is used to being the focal point of an offense and now that he has to share the ball with George, who was also a primary ball-handler, there could be some issues.

Also, Westbrook's killer mentality will get in the way sometimes and it will prevent George from having the ball in key situations.

Nowadays, it is hard for a player to get MVP when playing another superstar. Steph Curry was able to win the MVP two times because he was the only certified superstar on their team at that time. The same thing held true for Durant when he won the award in 2014. It is hard to get this type of award when you have to share the ball with another superstar, so someone might need to give George a reality check.

Many have to appreciate George's confidence not only in himself but in his team to say that he wants the MVP. It might be a longshot now that he is playing with another star, but one man can dream, right? Westbrook has yet to comment on this, but I'm sure the reigning MVP will have something to say about his teammate wanting to get in his way of a possible back to back MVP