The Cleveland Browns continue to lose, but coach Hue Jackson believes they can do better. Despite a team that is technically in rebuild mode, Jackson believes hard work and attention to detail could turn things around.

However, the question is will the Browns have that desire while in rebuild mode? After a woeful 2016-17 NFL season where Cleveland ended up with a miserable 1-15, key elements to a brighter future are already in place. That would include draft picks that could effectively factor in as early as 2018.

Winning may not hurt

Right now, the Browns are under the impression that they can be great starting 2018.

According to team owner Jimmy Haslam in an interview with, the best bet is to check out the team’s progress by next year or 2019. Will the Browns wait that long and inadvertently tank?

A lot of that depends on what Cleveland is targeting. In 2018, the Browns own two first-round and three second-round draft picks. Next year’s NFL Draft is projected to be a loaded one, filled with promising quarterbacks. Among those expected include Sam Darnold, Josh Allen or Josh Rosen, the Bleacher Report reported.

At present, they do have Myles Garrett, Jabrill Peppers, David Njoku and DeShone Kizer. These players could very well be the face of the Browns, assuming they don’t end up getting dealt.

For Cleveland to assess and retain them, a lot may depend on how they perform on the field.

All eyes on Kizer

It was previously mentioned that the 2018 NFL Draft will be loaded with promising quarterbacks. Could this be a threat to Kizer? Initially, that may not be the case unless any of the names prove to be as superb like Ben Roethlisberger, Robert Griffin III or Cam Newton as listed on Sports Illustrated.

Hence, any quarterback who the Browns are likely to take in will have to go through the process. It is still too early to tell who among the incoming freshmen show promise. For now, the Browns will have to work with Kizer and see how he holds up.

Kizer is still a work in progress though the rookie has been showing promise. If his improvement continues, the Browns are likely to stick to him and get a young talent at quarterback either for backup or insurance.

Being just in his first year, the 21-year-old has an opportunity to show what he has got. He showed potential in college with Notre Dame, something he can hopefully carry on with the struggling Browns.

Cleveland is currently 0-3, hardly a big change from how things went last NFL season. But with some tweaks and blessings from top management, they could pull the rug from under opposing teams soon.